How to Color Mavic D-Log Footage in DaVinci Resolve Using our Free LUT Pack

If you’re a drone videographer and you want to make your epic, bird’s-eye footage look even more epic, CinePacks has the perfect asset for you! You can get ten free LUTs to use in any of your DaVinci Resolve video projects when you downloadCinePacks’ Free Mavic 2 Pro LUT pack from our website. These free LUTs are designed to use with the Mavic 2 Pro footage, but they’re also compatible with any drones that shoot D-Log or Log footage. Specifically developed to give your footage the best cinematic color grading, this free pack is an essential part of any filmmaker’s toolkit. Not only will you be able to enhance the colors of your raw footage during the post-production process, you can tweak and adjust these LUTs in DaVinci Resolve as desired to achieve a totally customized look for your project. Learn how to use and customize each LUT today! 

Locate the Free Mavic 2 Pro LUT pack on the CinePacks website under “Free Packs.” Since this is a sample pack, all you have to do is provide us with your email address so we can send you the download link. Once you receive the link in your inbox, download these free video effects. (Note: This is a DaVinci Resolve tutorial but these LUTs are also compatible with other editing softwares like Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premiere Pro.) 

To import these free LUTs, go to File → Project Settings → Color Management → Open LUT Folder. Select the CinePacks LUT folder, then select and extract all the LUTs and drop them into a folder in DaVinci Resolve. Then navigate back to DaVinci Resolve and click Update Lists and hit Save.

To use these free LUTs in DaVinci Resolve, navigate to your Color tab and go to LUTs in your Effects library. Drag your mouse over each LUT to preview how it would look when applied to your footage. You can easily apply a LUT by right clicking it and selecting Apply LUT to Current Node. (Adjust the intensity of the LUT as desired by increasing or decreasing the Gain under Key Output at the button of the screen.)

If you wish to customize a LUT further using the Color Wheels, add a Corrector Node (just right click next to your current node, select Add Node → Corrector and drag it before your current node). Now you have two separate nodes - one with your LUT and the other with corrections - to make your color editing easier and more exact.

To apply a LUT to the entire timeline in DaVinci Resolve, go to your Node Editor and switch it from Clip to Timeline (in the top right corner). Right click and select Add Corrector Node, then connect it. Now when you apply a LUT to this Corrector Node, the LUT will be applied to all the clips in your entire timeline. Switch back to the Clip Mode to make individual adjustments. 

Download More Free LUTs & Other Assets on the CinePacks’ Website

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