CinePacks Broadway


This large 3000+ square foot film space in Los Angeles, CA is perfect for any video, photo, or commercial film projects. We have 3 large rooms on the ground floor with multiple high end looks and fully built out film sets.

Film set 1 - Industrial open floor with a 10ft x 10ft LED Video Wall. You can choose solid colors or bring your own laptop to play footage. For an additional fee, you can just bring footage and I can have someone operating the video feed.

Film set 2 - Vintage Apartment set with checkered floor. Comes with antique props, practical lamps, and a working tv.

Film set 3 - LED tunnel with RGB lights in a plexiglass ceiling.

Film set 4 - Neon Retro World with LED floor grid

Film set 5 - Cyber Hacker Headquarters with CRT TV wall

Our loading dock and roll up doors make it easy to load in equipment, furniture, set design, flats, and more. All rentals can use our props, set design, and grip package for no additional cost.

Small grip package included with every rental.

5x C-Stands
1x Grip Combo Stand
1x Apple Box Family
5x Sandbags
1x 10ft Menace Arm
1x 4x4 Floppy
1x 2x3 Flag Kit

Ask about in house lighting packages from $30-$125 per fixture.