The CinePacks Podcast

n this episode I video chat with Kyle White a Johannesburg based Music Video director. Kyle's music videos are very well polished and have high standard of professionalism...
This week I bring on 806 Nick, a young music video director from Berkeley California. ..
This week I bring on Adrian Per a Music video director from the Bay Area. Adrian has directed music videos for artist such as E-40, P-lo, Rexx Life Raj, Sage the Gemini and many more...
This week I bring on Ariel Porta (Baws World) and talked about how he learned to do VFX in after effects. ..
In this shorter podcast I go some tips on how I was able to grow and get get bigger budgets in the year of 2018. I plan to stick by these same tips through out 2019 to continue to grow!
This week I bring on Max Novak a popular Youtube Music Video editor. Max has recently edited music videos for Juice WRLD and Soulja Boy....
In this shorter podcast I go over 5 tips for making your end of the year demo reel better. Reels are important to show your clients what you are capable of.
This week I bring on Justin Frick a music video director from Washington. I came across Justin's work from the artist Karma Knows. His work stands out and has a crazy amount of detail in it! In this episode he gives some tips for writing treatments and dealing with art
This week I bring on Trevor Potter an upcoming music video director who also runs a YouTube channel the VBC. Trevor is from Sacramento California and has recently been popping up more and more in the music video scene lately. His video with Suigeneris was recently featured on the No Jumper YouTube channel. Enjoy the podcast and leave a review!
In this shorter podcast I go over the pros and cons of shooting a free music video. How it can help propel your career but can also hurt your name if not done correctly.
This week I bring on Wethepartysean from Proxclusiv Media. He and his team created a YouTube channel that host some of the most popular videos in the bay area.
In this shorter podcast I give some tips for better playback on your Music Video sets. Playing back the song is a key element for music video production. I go over what speakers to use and give some tips for smoother playback.