The CinePacks Podcast

In this episode of the CinePacks Podcast, we are joined by the owners of Blinktone Studios, Adam and Sebastian. Based in the Bay Area,  Adam and Sebastian have been shooting music videos for as long as they can remember.
In today’s episode we revisit an old guest, Damien Sandoval. The last time Damien was featured on the podcast was back in 2020, and a lot has changed for him since then.
Dodford on how he grew an audience  over 200K on TikTok.
Jay Pusha is a director and editor who runs the hugely successful music video production company, Wet Visuals.
Trevor Potter is mainly responsible for the vlogs and content creation for the No Jumper YouTube channel, and his job gives him a lot of creative freedom. However, Trevor worked hard to get to where he is.
Interview on opening the new CinePack's studio location...
Bryan Delimata has been consistently creating YouTube tutorials for over a year, and runs a YouTube channel with over 60 thousand subscribers.
In this episode of the CinePacks podcast, we chat to Noah of NJC Visuals, one of the hottest up and coming music video directors in the game.