Achieve the Grunge Aesthetic with the CinePacks Dirty Film FX

Transform your footage entirely by giving it that old, grungy look! OurDirty Film FX Pack created by CinePacks is filled with all kinds of assets you’re going to love using in your next film project, such as leaders and countdowns, video transitions, film grain overlays and textures, and much more. Check out our Dirty Film FX tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro to get some pro tips for using these one-of-a-kind features!

First, purchase and download the Dirty Film FX pack from our website, then drag the files into Adobe Premiere.

Browse through the different effects, then drag your chosen asset into your timeline over your selected clip. Change the Blend Mode of the overlay (for white backdrops, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, or Linear Burn will work).

Continue to customize your film grain overlays with Color Balance (HLS) under Video Effects → Color Correction. Crop as needed. 

The CinePacks Dirty Film FX contains a variety of cool video transitions for Adobe Premiere as well. To use these, drag them over your selected clip and change the blend mode to Multiply. 

Our film textures are another useful tool for making your footage look more distressed. Drag one over your clip and change the Blend Mode to Multiply or Screen to see the difference it makes.

CinePacks also offers a similar effects pack called theSuper 8 Film FX. This product contains even more outstanding features, including Film Grain Overlay PNGs. These are easy to use; simply drag them into your timeline above your clip (right click and select “Scale to Frame Size” if needed) and adjust the duration for added texture to your clip.

Additional ideas for using our Dirty Film FX include using the Posterize Time effect under Video Effects → Time. Change the frame rate to 18 or 8fps to create a more film-like aesthetic. 

Don’t forget about our leaders and countdowns! These are great for interspersing throughout your videos. Simply drag them into your timeline, change the Blend Mode to Screen, and adjust the saturation as needed.

If you think the Dirty Film FX might be a good fit for you, check out ourfree pack as well! This includes five free assets, including a Super 8 overlay and Dirty Film overlay, so you can experiment with their many properties before purchasing the full pack. 

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