Create an Epic Look Using our Free Fire & Water Video Effects in Davinci Resolve

Add some high quality effects to your next video production with the help of our free Fire & Water FX Sample Pack! Our 4K water effect overlays are the perfect tool for making your footage look like it’s been submerged underwater; we also included some exciting fire overlays and video transitions as well. This free pack contains eleven total assets that you can use in a variety of ways. Discover how to use these free video effects by checking out this tutorial and getting our free pack from the CinePacks website. Don’t forget to explore our other incredible free packs while you’re there!

Locate theFree Fire and Water Sample Pack on the CinePacks website. Since this is a free pack, all you have to do is provide us with your email address so we can send you the download link. Once you receive the link in your inbox, download and unzip the folder of free video effects. This free pack includes several free fire and water effects and video transitions (as well as a $5 off coupon if you’d like to purchase ourfull pack). 

Our Paper Burn effects work great as video transitions. Each transition has two parts: a track matte and an overlay. Navigate to your Fusion tab and grab the track matte; this will serve as a mask to reveal the footage underneath. Rename the track matte by right-clicking and selecting Rename, then connect it to the blue dot of your MediaIn1.

Select your MedianIn1 node and go to Settings on the right hand side of DaVinci Resolve. Change the Channel to Luminance. Open your Keyframe Editor and find the frame where you want your transition to end. Drag the transition over so it aligns properly by ending on that frame.

Next, drag your Burn Overlay on top of the line in between your MediaIn1 and MediaOut1 and hold down the Shift key to merge them together. Then drag your overlay over in the Keyframe Editor so that it aligns with the matte (make sure they all line up perfectly). 

Go back to your Edit tab and drag some footage underneath your fire transition to reveal a second clip.

To use the Embers or Fire Burst video effects, simply drag the video effect into your timeline and change the Composite Mode to Screen. If you want to adjust the look of any of these free video effects, go to your Color tab and adjust the color wheels as desired (we adjusted the Gain of the Fire Burst effect so it doesn’t look so transparent). 

We also have some video transitions included in this fire effect pack that are super easy to use - simply drag and drop them into your timeline, change the Composite Mode to Screen, and align it so that the video transition covers the screen right at the cut in between your two clips. You can customize these video transitions easily through scaling, positioning, or flipping them.

We also included some great LUTs in this Fire FX pack to provide different colors and textures which you can explore. To install these LUTs in DaVinci Resolve, go to File → Project Settings → Color Management → Lookup Tables → Open LUT Folder. This will open the folder where DaVinci stores all of its LUTs. Once that folder is open, navigate to the Fire FX folder and drag the Fire LUTs into your DaVinci Resolve LUTs folder. Navigate back to DaVinci and click Update Lists under Lookup Tables. To apply a LUT, simply select the LUT of your choice, right click, and select Apply LUT to Current Node.

If you wish to purchase the full pack of Fire FX, which contains a wide selection of tools, you can find it on the website as well and use the code SAMPLE15 to get 15% off.

Find More Free DaVinci Resolve Video Effects on the CinePacks Website

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