Enhance Your DaVinci Resolve Video Project with Free Lens Flare Effects

Who doesn’t love an artsy lens flare?! If you want to easily integrate a realistic lens flare effect into your footage, check out the CinePacks Lens FX Sample Pack. This video effects pack comes with thirteen FREE lens flare effects that will immediately enhance your footage. Perfect for wedding films, music videos, or just cool video transitions, these high-quality lens flare overlays are a must-have for any filmmaker working on a budget. Discover how to use these video effects in DaVinci Resolve, then get your free lens flare effects today!

How to Use Our Free Lens Flare Effects in DaVinci Resolve

Find theFree Lens FX Sample pack on the CinePacks website. This is a free pack, so all you have to do is provide us with your email address so we can send you the download link. Once you receive the link in your inbox, download and unzip the folder of free video effects. This sample pack includes twelve free lens flare effects and a PNG overlay (as well as a 15% off coupon if you’d like to purchase our full pack of lens flares). 

Drag the lens flare overlay you’d like to use directly into your timeline above your footage. Under Composite, change the Composite Mode of the lens flare to Overlay or Screen (we prefer Screen). Use Ctrl + T if you’d like to add a crossfade so the effect fades in and makes it less abrupt.

Another cool part of this free lens flare pack is the PNG included in the Anamorphic Lens folder. It adds the cinematic black bars when you drag it on top of your footage, which effortlessly gives your project a professional look. 

You can easily change the color of these lens flares by selecting your video effect, navigating to the Color tab at the bottom, and adjusting the Hue as desired.

The Anamorphic Lens Flare effect can be used in a variety of ways. Drag it into your timeline and change the Scaling to Fill (under Retime and Scaling on the right hand side) so that it fits the screen. Use the Transform tool to reposition more as needed and change the Composite mode to Screen.

To create a stylish title screen in DaVinci Resolve using these video effects, drag one of the lens flares into your timeline. Navigate to Text in your Effects Library and drag the text into your timeline above the lens flare. Change the Composite Mode of your text to Overlay. 

Add a fade in transition by using Ctrl + T, then trim down your text clip and hold down Alt to duplicate it. Change the Composite Mode of the duplicated clip to Normal. 

If you enjoyed using this lens flare free pack, check out ourAnamorphic FX Pack available for purchase on our website. This full pack contains 40 stunning lens flare effects (all high quality and easy to use), so you can achieve that cinematic look for any project without the use of an expensiveanamorphic lens

Download More Free Video Effects for DaVinci Resolve on the CinePacks Website! 

Visit our online packs store to find even more video effects (both for free and for purchase) for your next short film, documentary, or music video! In addition to our lens flare effects, we also offer assets like Super 8 film overlays, water and fire effects, video transitions, glow animation, cinematic LUTs, and much more. We have a wide selection offree packs available to download so you can use some of our assets for no charge at all. Check out our many tutorials for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve to learn how to use these video effects to their fullest potential. If you ever have questions about any of our video effects or how to use them,get in touch! We’re active onInstagram andFacebook (where you can get the latest updates about our new products) so be sure to tag us in your projects when you use one of our video effects packs. Don’t forget to subscribe to ourYouTube channel so you can see our latest tutorials soon as they’re uploaded. Happy editing!