Free LUT - How to Color Grade in DaVinci Resolve 17


Save some valuable time during your color editing process by using some amazing LUTs from CinePacks! Finding that perfect look for your video production - whether it’s bright, dramatic, retro, bold, or a blend - can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so our team developed aLUT pack filled with a wide variety ofcolor grading styles to save you tons of time on your next film. We also have afree LUT pack on our website so you can use some of these assets completely free of charge. Take a look at how to import and use these LUTs in DaVinci Resolve to completely transform the way you usually color edit your footage. 

First, find the free pack on our website and enter your information to get the download link for your free LUT pack. (If you wish to purchase the full pack of CinePacks LUTs, which includes a wide selection of tools, you can find it on the website as well and use the code SAMPLE15 to get 15% off.)

To install these LUTs into DaVinci Resolve, go to File → Project Settings → Color Management → Lookup Tables and click Open LUT Folder. Drag your new CinePacks LUTs into the LUTs folder. Go back to DaVinci Resolve and click Update Lists to add your new free LUTs.

To start using these LUTs, drag the footage you want to color grade into your timeline and navigate to your Color tab and go to LUTs. Find the LUT you want to use, right click it, and select Apply LUT to Current Node. 

If you want to adjust or customize any of these LUTs, right click next to your current node and select Add Node → Corrector and place it before your other node so that you can edit the raw pixel data from your source.

To continue altering these LUTs, go to your Primaries tab where you can adjust your color wheels, experiment with your Hues, and tweak the Luminosity of any of these channels. The Offset affects everything in your clip and will shift all the pixel data in your clip to a different hue/lightness. (Pro tip: You want to finish adjusting your Wheels before moving on to your Log to get a better color grade. Log is better for secondary color grades where you want to adjust more specific areas.)

In the top right hand corner of your screen, switch from Clip to Timeline. This will show you the node graph for your entire timeline. Any editing you do here will affect all the clips in your timeline. Right click to add a Corrector Node and connect it to the beginning and end to create a corrector that will correct the entire timeline.

You can also use Adjustment Layers to make your color corrections. Find the Adjustment Clip in your Effects Library and drag it on top of the footage you want to color correct. You can drag the Adjustment Clip out as much as you want; it will affect all the clips that are underneath it. 

Discover More Free Packs on the CinePacks’ Website

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