How to Create Ransom Note Style Music Video Effects for FREE

Making cool animated titles can completely transform your video projects! The CinePacksLetter FX Pack is an incredible resource for creating some truly unique music video effects. It’s so popular, we decided to create theLetter FX Sample Pack so users can try out these music video effects for free. Our letter video effects, designed to look like magazine cut out letters in a classic ransom note, are a great tool for making edgy title cards. This free pack contains PNGs of every letter of the alphabet and a few symbols, as well as some title cards (both animated and stills). Check out this tutorial to learn how to use these video effects in Adobe Premiere! 

Note: Animated letters are only available in our paid Letter FX pack (it also offers multiple styles of each letter of the alphabet). All of our letter video effects work in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, but not Sony Vegas.

Grab an animated title card from the bin and drag it into your timeline. To loop the animation, make cuts where the keyframes are marked and duplicate the middle clip as many times as desired.

To create your title, drag the magazine cut out letters you need into the timeline, stacking them on top of one another. Select each layer to scale and move each letter around as desired. 

Once you have your letters positioned, select all your layers, right click, and choose “Nest.” This will group all your layers into one element so you can resize/reposition them as one (rather than individually). To add some basic animation, use your keyframes to create some movement.

To give your title a more “glitchy” look, add the Posterize Time effect (under Video Effects → Time). Lower your frame rate (we changed ours to 4fps) to make the movement look more like a stop animation effect. You can animate the title out by adding a keyframe and dropping the scale to zero to have it shrink away, or use one of our video transitions that we offer for free.

To create some cool graphics using this free pack, grab one of our stills and add letters and other elements as desired.

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