Get the Cinematic Color Grading You’ve Always Wanted with CinePacks’ LUT Pack

Most filmmakers can agree that one of the most time-consuming parts of producing a video project is the color editing. Finding that perfect look - whether it’s bright, dramatic, retro, bold, or a blend - can be overwhelming and frustrating. Luckily, CinePacks has created aLUT pack filled with a wide variety ofcolor grading styles to save you tons of time on your next film. Take a look at how to import and use these LUTs to completely transform the way you usually color edit your footage.

Note: CinePacks has two options: afree LUT pack and a full LUT pack, so you can experiment with our free LUTs before purchasing the full version.

First, download and unzip the CinePacks LUT pack. There will be a folder for LOG LUTs and a folder for Rec709 LUTs.

To import the LUT pack in Adobe Premiere Pro: Copy all LUTs and navigate to your local drive → Program Files → Adobe → Adobe Premiere Pro → Lumetri → LUTs → Creative. Paste your LUTs there; once you restart Premiere, your LUTs will be ready to use. 

To use the Rec709 LUT: Click the Color tab to start color editing. Select “Master” so that your color editing will apply to all clips.

Click on “Lumetri Scopes.” Adjust theColor Curves as needed (we recommend that nothing exceeds 100 on your color scope).

To activate your LUT, head to your Lumetri Color panel and go to Creative → Look and select “Browse.” Choose the LUT you’d like to apply to your clip and adjust the settings as desired.

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