Use our Letter FX Pack to Create Ransom Note Style Music Video Effects

Intensify your videos by adding some amazing animated titles to your work! The CinePacksLetter FX Pack is an incredible resource for creating some truly unique music video effects. Our letter video effects, designed to look like magazine cut out letters in a classic ransom note, are a great tool for making edgy title cards. With hundreds of different styles of letters, these elements are easily customizable so you can find the exact aesthetic you need for your project. Check out this tutorial to learn how to use these video effects in Adobe Premiere Pro! 

Note: We also offer a free pack (theLetter FX Sample Pack) in our packs store which contains 26 PNGs of alphabet magazine cut out letters that you can experiment with!

Head to our packs store to download our Letter FX Pack. Once you unzip it, you’ll see two folders: the “Stills” folder contains numerous PNGs of all the letters of the alphabet and some symbols, and the “Animated” folder also has multiple versions of each letter and symbol with animation added. Drag the folders directly into Adobe Premiere Pro. Organize your Bins by file name so you can easily locate each letter. 

To make an animated title, choose a still background from our folder of stills and drag it into your timeline. Start dragging the letters you want into the timeline, stacking them on top of each other. Select each layer to move each letter around as desired. Once you have your letters positioned, select all your layers and duplicate them as many times as needed to achieve the duration you want.

Select all your layers and right click, then choose “Nest.” This will group all your layers into one element so you can resize/reposition them as one (rather than individually). Add any Video Effects as desired.

Double-click the nested layers to edit the individual letters. Make some cuts to stagger each letter’s duration, giving it an even more rough and edgy look.

Use the Title Cards we provided in the Letter FX Pack by dragging them into your timeline underneath your letters. Use your keyframes to create movement if needed.

Some of our animated Title Cards have keyframes included. To adjust these elements, make cuts at the specified keyframes and duplicate (shortcut: hold alt or option and drag) the individual clips so they loop longer.

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