How to Use our Crazy 3D Chrome Animated Video Effects in DaVinci Resolve

The CinePacks’Chrome Assets FX Pack is a must-have for any editor who wants to add some crazy stylized animation to their videos - without having to spend any time actually animating! This pack of 95+ assets was created by an incredible team of animators and includes backgrounds, objects, shapes, symbols, and more. Learn how to use these video effects in DaVinci Resolve before adding them to your next video project.

First, head to the CinePacks website and purchase the Chrome FX pack. Download and unzip the folder of the video effects. (We like to make this simple by unzipping the folder, dragging all the assets into one central folder, and importing that folder into DaVinci Resolve. From there you’ll be able to find all your downloaded video effects in the Media Storage Browser and drag it into your media library.)

These are transparent files, so all you have to do is drag and drop them into your timeline above your footage. Use the Transform tool to scale and position the effect as desired. These are loopable effects as well, so hold down Alt to duplicate the effect if you want it to play longer.

To change the color of any of these video effects in DaVinci Resolve, select your effect and navigate to your Color Tab. Adjust your Offset under the Color Wheels until you achieve the color you want. To make the effect one monochromatic color, simply check the Monochrome box under your RGB mixer. Add a Corrector Node by right clicking and selecting Add Node → Corrector, connecting it to your original clip, and adjusting the color wheels of the corrector node.

You can easily make cool graphics with these effects simply by layering them on top of one another. Start with a background and add some effects on top (we chose the barbed wire looping effects). You can reverse the speed of any of these effects by right clicking and checking the Reverse Speed box. 

We also included some video transitions to use in DaVinci Resolve. Drag and drop the video transition you’d like to use in between two of your clips. Align the transition so that the frame where the transition fully covers the screen aligns with the cut between the two clips. 

To add a mask to any of these transitions, arrange your clips in the timeline so that the first clip is on the bottom, the transition is in the middle, and the second clip is on top. Go to the Color tab and right click inside the clip editor to add an Alpha output and connect it. Select the Curve tool and start drawing a mask around the area you’d like to preserve.

Next, go to your Tracker and select Frame. Go forward a few keyframes at a time, adjusting your mask as you go along. Switch back to Clip and increase the softness to give it a smoother look. Now when you play the transition through, the mask will animate into your next clip. 

Tracking is another great process to try in DaVinci Resolve with these animated video effects. Navigate to your Fusion tab. Hit Shift + Spacebar, search for Tracker, and add a Tracker node. Choose what you would like to track (we chose our subject’s mouth). Change the Adaptive Mode to Every Frame. Go to your last frame and position the tracker. Select the Track Reverse button. 

Next, go to your Media Pool and select an object effect you’d like to use with your clip. Drag it in. Go to Operation, change it to Match Move, then connect your object to the foreground of your tracker node.

Finally, add a Transform node, then scale and position your object. Now your object will track to where you want it to be. 

If you want to mask out some of your footage, select the clip you want to work with, duplicate it, and stack its copy on top. With the top clip selected, go to your Color tab and grab your Curve tool. Draw a rough mask around the area you’d like to preserve. Then go to your Tracker and hit the Play button to track it all the way through.

Add an alpha output and drag it in, then adjust your mask as needed. Increase its softness. Now when you play it through, your animated effects will appear in the background of your subject that you masked.

Download More DaVinci Resolve Video Effects from CinePacks!

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