Use CinePacks Glass FX to Shock & Awe Your Audience with Impressive Glass Breaking Video Effects

Achieve dramatic style in your video projects with theCinePacks Glass FX! Our glass shattering effects instantly create a powerful and electrifying vibe for whatever you’re working on, whether it’s a music video or short film. Our CinePacks team created these effects by filming a multitude of different types of glass breaking in 4K. We even recruited the help of a 3D animator to provide some additional animated clips of glass shattering. Discover how to easily utilize these impressive video effects to their fullest potential!

Note: Although we are demonstrating how to use these video effects in Adobe Premiere, our Glass FX also work in Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and other editing softwares. 

First, purchase the Glass FX from our online store, then download and unzip the files. From there, you can drag the individual folders into your project.

Browse through our glass breaking video effects to see what all is included in the assets. Drag your selected effect on top of your clip, then change the blending mode to Screen or Linear Dodge (Add). Bring up the exposure of the effect if you’d like to see more glass particles; you can also adjust the color temperature and tint to experiment with different looks. 

Add a frame hold at the end of the effect to add broken glass texture to the full duration of your selected clip. (To do this, right click your clip and select “Add Frame Hold.” This will create a separate still frame and you can adjust its duration as needed.)

Note: Some of these glass breaking video effects can be used as cool transitions into other clips.

Another great feature included in our Glass FX pack is our animated 3D Alpha Assets. These video effects are already transparent - no need to change blending mode. Drag them into your timeline, then play with color temperature and/or the hue/saturation sliders under Color Balance HLS. These 3D assets can be combined with our other glass effects to create added texture.

We included some awesome sound effects that can be used in your video project as well! Drag them into your timeline and try adjusting the speed to achieve different outcomes. 

CinePacks also offers a variety of video effects for FREE! Check out our freeGlass FX Sample Pack; this includes two free glass break overlays for you to try out before deciding to purchase the full video effects pack. No plugins needed - just import or drag straight into your project.

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