How to Create Cool Video Effects in Premiere Pro with the Paint FX Pack

How to Create Cool Video Effects in Premiere Pro with the Paint FX Pack

July 01, 2019

Give your next project a totally unique makeover with the CinePacks Paint FX Pack! This is one of our coolest video packs; it includes one-of-a-kind video effects for Premiere Pro that you can use to totally transform your video footage. This video effects pack includes some amazing 4K paint splatter overlays and video transitions that can be integrated into your music video or film to give it a new style. The best part about these assets is that they’re so easy to use; just drag and drop the video effects into Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro (no plugins needed). We even have a free pack of paint effects available so you can download and use a sample of these paint video effects for free. Take a look at all the awesome things you can do with this paint effects pack in Adobe Premiere Pro!

Note: This is an Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial but our paint video effects are able to be used in multiple editing programs. Get in touch if you have any questions about compatibility.

Download the Paint FX pack from the CinePacks store and unzip the files. Drag them directly into Adobe Premiere Pro. Each of our paint video effects comes in a white version and a red version so you can customize the colors as desired.

Drag the animated video effect into your timeline above your footage. (Right click and select “Scale to Frame Size” if needed.) Experiment with the Blend Modes to get different looks for your effect; you can also adjust the Color Balance (HLS) to change the colors of the paint effects. These video effects work well as overlays or video transitions.

Our Heavy, Medium, and Light Paint Splatter effects provide additional texture and work well throughout your video project. Hold down the Alt key to duplicate the clip over and over again so the video effects can last through the duration of your video.

These video effects can be sped up or slowed down as needed. You can also add additional effects to them and/or layer other video overlay effects on top of them in your timeline to create something completely unique.

Visit the CinePacks Website Today for More Video Effects, Video Transitions, and Tutorials

Our website is overflowing with video effects, animations, frames, and video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro (and other editing programs like Final Cut, Sony Vegas, and DaVinci Resolve). Check us out so you can use some of our favorite projects in your next film or music video! Browse our many video effects packs and don’t forget to download some of our free packs of video effects to sample. We have multiple tutorials to show you how to use our products, but feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions. CinePacks is also on Instagram and Facebook, so follow us to see updates about our latest creations and tag us in your projects so we can see how you use them! 



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