Learn How to Use the Paper FX 2 Video Effects & Transitions

Check out the CinePacksPaper FX 2 Pack to find some awesome Adobe Premiere Pro video effects that you can use to totally transform your next project! This video effects pack includes one-of-a-kind sound effects, eye-catching overlays, and video transitions that can be integrated into your music video or film to give it some added interest. The best part about these effects is that they’re so easy to use; just drag and drop the video effects into Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro (no plugins needed). We even have afree pack of paper transitions available so you can download and use a few of these video effects for free. Take a look at all the amazing things you can do with this paper effects pack!

Drag your chosen paper effect into your timeline. Make cuts where the keyframes are marked, then duplicate the middle part of the clip to loop the effect.

To use the video transitions provided in this pack, simply drag them into your timeline. (You can adjust their speed using the Rate Stretch tool.) 

Some of these wipe video transitions are a little trickier to use because they involve creating masks. Drag the paper transition you want to use into the timeline on top of the clip you’d like to transition from. Make a cut on the last part of the clip that overlaps with the wipe transition.Create a mask around the edges of the clip you just cut. Click “Mask Path” to use keyframes to move the mask along with the paper transition through the end of the clip. 

Feel free to get creative with these transitions by adding additional effects or adjusting the color settings. You can also add one of our sound effects included in this video effects pack to further enhance the transition. 

We also included some frames in this video effects pack, both stills and animated. There’s some split frames, as well as an Instagram frame that’s great to use for social media posts.

To achieve some cool split-screen effects, drag the split frame into the timeline over the videos you want included on the screen. Stack the video clips on top of each other, moving/resizing/masking/cropping them as needed so they all fit in the frame together. To have each clip move into frame individually, stagger the clips and use masks to gradually move them into view. 

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