How to Use These Trippy Lean & Pill Effects and Video Transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro

Try some trippy effects in your next video project! The CinePacksLean & Pill FX Pack is full of psychedelic accents and video transitions for Premiere Pro that are perfect for music videos or other projects. Discover how to enhance your footage with the help of these elements! 

Note: This is an Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial but these video effects also work in Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. The Lean & Pill FX pack doesn’t work in Sony Vegas but we have plenty of other video effects and video transitions that do! Also, check out ourDrug FX Sample Pack if you’d like to use some of these transitions and video effects for free.

Purchase, download, and unzip the Lean & Fill FX Pack from the CinePacks website. Import or drag these video effects into Adobe Premiere Pro. Our video transitions included in this pack are super easy to use; simply drag them into your timeline (right click and select “Scale to Frame Size” if their dimensions are too large). Use the Horizontal Flip effect (under Video Effects → Transform) to rotate the video transitions as desired, or reverse the direction of the transition by right-clicking and selecting “Speed/Duration” and checking the box beside “Reverse Speed.”

To use the Wipe transitions: Drag the wipe transition you want to use into the timeline on top of the clip you’d like to transition from. Make a cut on the last part of the clip that overlaps with the Wipe transition.

Create a mask around the edges of the clip you just cut. Click “Mask Path” to use keyframes to move the mask along with the transition through the end of the clip. 

To use the Accents included in this pack, simply drag them into your timeline and resize/reposition as desired. Use keyframes for tracking if needed and create a mask if you want to alter the shape of certain accents. Adjust the Color Balance (HLS) (under Video Effects → Color Correction) if you’d like to change the color of these accents.

To achieve some cool split-screen effects, use the Frames we included in this pack. Drag the frame into the timeline over the videos you want included on the screen. Stack the video clips on top of each other, moving/resizing/masking them as needed so they all fit in the frame together. 

Check out the CinePacks Website for More Effects, Video Transitions, and Resources

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