Use our Neon Scribble Video Effects in DaVinci Resolve for Free!

CinePacks offers so many amazing editing assets for free! Our Glow FX Sample Pack contains multiple free video assets to use in DaVinci Resolve and other editing programs. Start using them today!

How to Use CinePacks' Free Neon Scribble Video Effects in DaVinci Resolve

First, locate and download the Glow FX Sample Pack from the CinePacks store and unzip/extract the files. There are ten free video effects that you’ll receive when you get this pack; go ahead and import them into DaVinci Resolve.

You’ll find objects, shapes, accents, and video transitions in this free pack; these are Apple ProRes files so you can easily drag and drop them over your footage in your timeline. Navigate to the Inspector tab and change the Composite Blending Mode to Screen so that the effect blends nicely with the background.

To use the free video transitions included, place the video effect in between your two clips, lining it up perfectly so the effect covers the screen at the same time that the clip changes.

If you want to track the animated glow effect to a moving subject using keyframes, open your Inspector and click the keyframes under Transform. Moving frame by frame, adjust the position of your animation and add keyframes to keep the animated object aligned with the subject of your footage. 

To change the color of any of these animated video effects, select the video effect and navigate to your Color tab. Select the RGB mixer and set it to monochrome (which changes the video effect to white). Right click your node and select Add Node → Add Serial. Now you can adjust your red, green, and blue outputs of the RGB mixer to change the color of the effect. (You can even copy and paste these color attributes onto the other video effects if you want them to also be the same color.)

If you’d like to create your own custom video effects in DaVinci Resolve, select your clip and navigate to the Fusion tab. Select the MediaIn1 node, then hit Shift + Space to open the Search bar. Search for Background and select it. Open the Search bar again, search for Paint, and select it as well. Open the Search bar a third time, search for Glow, and select Soft Glow.

Select the Background node and drag the Alpha slider all the way to 0. Start painting frame by frame by first selecting the frame where you’d like the animation to start. At the top of the screen, select the Stroke tool (note that the Multistroke tool allows you to paint one frame at a time while using the Stroke tool allows the paint to show for the entire sequence). Adjust your Brush controls under the Inspector tab as needed before you begin. 

Continue to use the paint tool to draw whatever shape you like as you progress one frame at a time. When you’re ready to transition out the animation, decrease the size of the brush tool to help it slowly fade away. 

If you liked using our free video effects in DaVinci Resolve, check out our full pack of Glow FX for purchase on the CinePacks website! This full pack contains 80+ animated assets that are guaranteed to add value to your video project. 

Get More Free Video Effects for DaVinci Resolve!

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