Create a Trippy Look in DaVinci Resolve with the Free Drug FX Sample Pack

Try some trippy effects in your next video project! The CinePacks freeDrug FX Sample Pack is full of psychedelic accents and video transitions to use in DaVinci Resolve that are perfect for music videos or other projects. Discover how to enhance your footage with the help of these elements! 

Note: This is a DaVinci Resolve 17 tutorial but these video effects also work in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. 

Find the Drug FX Sample pack on the CinePacks website. This is a free pack, so all you have to do is provide us with your email address so we can send you the download link. Once you receive the link in your inbox, download and unzip the folder of free video effects. This free pack includes two paint splatter overlays (as well as a $5 off coupon if you’d like to purchase our full pack). Unzip these files and drag or import the video effects into DaVinci Resolve.

The free video transitions included in this sample pack are super easy to use; just drag it into your timeline above your two clips and place it so that the frame where the transition effect completely covers the screen aligns with the cut between your two clips. (Pro Tip: Select your video transition and hit M to create a marker exactly where the transition covers the screen. This will help when you align your clips.)

The animated marijuana leaves can serve as a cool video transition in DaVinci Resolve as well. To make this work, drag the marijuana video effect on top of your two clips with one clip slightly overlapping the other. Select your top clip, go to Cropping and crop your video all the way to the right, then add a keyframe. Move forward a few frames, then drag the Crop Right slider back to zero and add another keyframe. Bring up the softness on the cropped clip so there are no harsh lines.

Change the hue of any of these video effects by adjusting the color wheels in the Color Tab. To animate the hue of your video effect, go to the first frame of your drug video effect in the keyframe editor and keyframe everything. Drag the Hue to zero. Then go to the last frame of your video effect and drag the Hue to 100. Now when you play your effect through, the colors of your effect will change.

The Red Pill Wipe and Pop Off video transitions are amazing assets to use in your project as well; experiment with these by layering them on top of one another and/or changing their look in the Color Tab. If you want to change the color of the Pop Off video transition, navigate to your Color Tab and click on the Qualifier. Take a sample of the purple color of the Pop Off effect, then click on the Highlights to preview the selected color. Go down to your Hue slider to expand the selection so that you select all of the shades of purple in the video effect. Increase the Denoise and Blur Radius. Now you can adjust your Hue to get the color you want without affecting the color of the bottle. 

To use the Overflow video effect included in this free pack, drag it into your timeline and position it where you want. You can track this video effect to your subject by finding the first frame of your effect and click the keyframe by the Transform tool to keyframe everything. Move forward a few frames, then move your effect so that it stays in alignment with your subject (and add a keyframe). Continue tracking a few frames at a time. We were also able to match the effect to our scene by applying a Gaussian blur to the effect when our video is out of focus.

To add a warped polarized effect, go to your Fusion tab, hit Shift + Spacebar, and search for Lens Distortion. Select your Lens Distortion node, then uncheck the box next to Gang on the right. Now you can individually edit each of the Red, Green, and Blue channels. To put this effect into action, select your Lens Distortion Node and go to the first frame. Add keyframes to the Red, Green, and Blue channels. Move forward a few frames, then adjust your channels as desired and add keyframes. Continue this process so that you have a trippy, distorted color effect. You can further adjust this effect to look more smooth; just select all your keyframes in your keyframe editor, right click and select Smooth. 

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