Give Your Footage a Blast from the Past with VHS Video Effects

Give your video footage a sense of nostalgia by purchasing theCinePacks VHS FX from our packs store! This old-school effects pack is filled with VHS overlays, sound effects, stills, and textures to give your project a retro feel. These are very simple tools to use and are easily customizable, so you can feel free to experiment and play around with these effects to make something truly unique. Discover what you can do with this VHS video effects pack by checking out our Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial! 

Note: While this is a Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial, these VHS video effects can also be used in almost every video editing program. We also have a free pack ofVHS overlays and TV effects that you can download from our website as well.

Download the VHS FX pack from the CinePacks store and unzip the file. You’ll see all the elements separated into folders. Drag these video effects directly into Adobe Premiere Pro.

To use one of our VHS clips as a video transition, drag the clip into your timeline above your footage. Change the Blend Mode to Screen (or play around with other Blend Modes to achieve different looks). Adjust the color settings as desired. You can make the clips longer by duplicating them, or speed them up using the Rate Stretch tool. 

There are plenty of video overlays included in this pack as well. These can be customized to your liking by changing their color using Video Effects → Color Correction → Tint and adjusting as needed.

To achieve a cool, glitchy look, duplicate your footage and stack the clips on top of one another. Resize the bottom clip, making it slightly bigger than the one above it. Insert one of our VHS video effects underneath both of your clips to create a unique look for your footage. Continue experimenting this way by adding multiple VHS clips below your footage, adjusting the Color HLS as desired.

Find More Cool Video Effects on our CinePacks Website

The CinePacks website has countless video editing tools you can use to create awesome, one-of-a-kind video projects! In addition to our numerous paid effects packs, we also offer a variety offree packs so you can download and use a sample of some of our best products completely free of charge. Some of our favorite video effects packs include our Glow FX, Fire FC, LUTS, Paper FX, and many more. With endless combinations of amazing overlays, animations, video transitions, textures, and stills, our packs store is your one-stop shop for incredible video editing tools. We have new products being released all the time, so follow us onFacebook andInstagram so you don’t miss a thing! 

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