CinePacks Split Filter (Pre-Order)

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Introducing the world's first and only handheld split diopter effects filter! Get in-camera lens distortions, reflections, and creative blur effects with the CinePacks Split Filters. This filter comes in 3 strengths! Each with different uses and ideal focal lengths. Use it handheld or with our custom 11-inch articulating arm to easily mount the filter in front of your lens to make it hands-free.

Handheld Split Diopter Diagram


Music video directors and cinematographers have been using split diopter filters for practical in-camera effects for years. Now you can use them with the ease of our specialized handle. Hold it up to any side of the lens or move it around - the handle makes it adaptable for any shooting situation, styles and environments.

The lightweight aluminum handle is designed to be comfortable to hold and a 1/4 20" threaded mounting point tapped on the bottom of the handle opens many different options for placement and hands free mounting.


Our Split Filter comes in 3 different strengths. Split 1 is more of a subtle effect. Longer lenses will give you stronger effects. Split 2 is the most versatile one because it works on most focal lengths and can easily give you the popular ghost blur effect that's so popular with split diopters. Split 3 is for the people who aren't afraid of being bold and having more stylized looks. Heavy blur effects look great especially for still photography.


Subtle Blur

  • Ideal for longer lenses (50mm+)
  • Subtle effect on wide lenses (≤35mm)
  • Best with wide apertures (≤f2.8)


Most Versatile

  • Good for most focal lengths
  • Ghost blur effects ~35mm
  • Best with wide apertures (≤f2.8)


Heavy Distortion

  • The strongest blur effects
  • Best for heavy stylized looks
  • Works well with all focal lengths
red camera with mounted effects filter
model with cinepacks effects
cinepacks handheld effects filter
high fashion effects filter
fashion effects filter
cyber hi tech effects filter
photography effects filter
cyber effects filter

If you purchase the pre-order, you'll be a part of the first shipment of products that goes out as soon as it's available. Each individual filter will be $59 each but you'll be able to get the pre-order discount if you buy now!

Product is still due for a slight revision so the product photos will still be updated. The final product will look slightly different.

Estimated time of shipping will depend on where you live but we're aiming to start sending out the orders late October 2020.

Split Diopter Example


11 Inch Articulating Arm

If you're thinking about buying a filter, make sure you grab a camera mounting arm. We throughly tested and found that 11 inch is the perfect length for mounting our filters.

Sold out
Split Filter Kit w/ Arm

Buy all 3 strengths of our CinePacks Split Filters and the 11 Inch Arm for the biggest discounted price now!

Sold out

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