Glitch FX - Analog Distorter (Pre-Order)

$249.00 $198.00


Glitch FX has 4 knobs with unique effects that can be combined to create an endless range of custom analog effects.

It's like a video effects plug-in but in real life!

Glitch FX works and looks its absolute best when plugged directly into a CRT TV, but will work with external recorders, modern televisions, projectors, & capture cards to send feed directly back to the computer.
( Note: The signal can drop out when the effects are dialed to maximum strength.)

100% original analog circuit design.

Only 100 units will be made! Order yours now!!


Distort your videos then edit the glitchy footage back into your timeline! Get unique effects with our one-of-a-kind analog distorter! With a completely custom circuit design, you can't get these effects anywhere else!


- Glitch FX Analog Distorter Box -

- 5V DC Power supply Cable -

- 2 Analog Video Cables -

- NTSC/PAL Compatible -



- AV to HDMI converter -

- Capture Card -

- HDMI Cables -



Be one of the first to receive our limited edition Glitch FX box!

Because of the high cost to produce these - we are only making 100 units of this product.

**Shipping estimated to start May 2021**

Sold out
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