10 Video Effects To Make Your Music Videos Pop

Using visual effects in your music videos is a great way to emphasize the feeling or message that the video is trying to convey. They can help you make your music video pop, make seamless transitions, and transport the viewer into another reality.

So many music videos nowadays feature video effects. They make videos more original and allow you to do more with your video on a smaller budget. When working on music videos, as opposed to films, creators have the chance to be more creative and try out new things.

Video effects for music videos are added while editing, which allows for the perfect opportunity to try new effects and styles. They’re easy to play around with and might be just the thing you need to make your music videos pop!

Top 10 Music Video Effects

Music video transitions and effects can help draw people into your video, set the scene, and captivate your audience. There are so many benefits to using them. So, if you’re interested in making the best possible music videos, here are some of the best effects to use.

Glow Effects & Neon Scribbles 

Creating glowing scribbles to emphasize movement or add fun, quirky elements to your music videos can truly make them pop. While this can be done by drawing each and every squiggle or shape in your editing software of choice, these types of music video effects also come in convenient video effects packs.

These effects are usually done in bright, neon colors to stand out. The contrast between the live-action style of the music video and these bright lines and shapes creates a dynamic and awesome visual effect.

Glow effects for music videos are easy to add in and can give your videos a cool, 80s atmosphere. These types of effects have become wildly popular since BlotterMedia kicked off the trend by illustrating bright, glowing lines in videos of dancers.

CinePacks Glow FX 2 (ft. Turffienz)

Fire Video Effects

Looking to heat things up? Using fire video effects for music videos can help complement the theme or emotion of your video. Fire effects are incredibly versatile. For example, you can use them in romantic music videos to convey heat or in fast-paced action music videos to add to the adrenaline-pumping, wild feeling of the music.

With the crackling sound effects of fire, you can help set the scene with a quiet moment. Fire music video effects are also excellent if you’re going for an explosive and dramatic atmosphere.

In addition, they make for some great transitions. By using an effect where flames engulf the entire screen or shoot across it, you can make seamless transitions between shots. This visual effect can help set the tone and add to the aesthetic of your music videos.

FIRE FX by Cinepacks

Money Video Effects

Video effects featuring money or bank notes are a great way to convey wealth, luxury, and opulence. With money effects for music videos, you can create visually interesting transitions and communicate the setting of the video with the audience.

There are many different ways you can use money video effects for music videos. For example, folding a note across the screen can help create a smooth transition to a new scene or shot. You can also use these effects to help emphasize certain scenes with clips of burning or ripping bills.

Money effects for music videos are a classic method of creating a sense of living large. Money also has a lot of symbolism, so you could use these types of money effects for music videos to make a point.

TV Screen Effects 

If you’re going for a retro 70s or 80s style video, or simply looking to spice things up a bit, then using a television screen effect is a good way to go! These types of effects display your video as if they are shown on an old-school, boxy TV screen.

Not only is this a fun visual effect, but it will help transport your viewers to a different time. TV screen effects and overlays can frame your video footage to give your music video a completely different look and feel. Adding VHS overlays can also help add to this effect by creating glitch effects to make it more realistic and look as though your footage is actually playing on the TV.

This video effect could help create a visually interesting introduction and ending of your music video and will help to set the scene. For example, your music video could begin showing an old, retro-looking TV set displaying your video footage. This helps to place the audience in the music video by indicating that they are watching TV (rather than sitting at their computer on YouTube).

You could then zoom into the TV until the music video takes up the entire screen. This transports the audience into the setting of the music video. By ending the video in the same way (zooming out from the TV and showing it power down), you can create a neat and effective closing scene.

Check out this tutorial on how easy it is to use our TV Screen FX in Adobe Premiere Pro

Paint Video Effects For Music Videos

Paint video effects for music videos are perfect for expressing some creativity and just having fun with visual effects! With these types of effects, you can show paint splatters across the screen, use dripping paint for transitions, and even paint objects and shapes.

Paint effects can spruce up any music video. They are also incredibly versatile and can help to convey a more serious or dramatic tone with red, black, and white colors. On the other hand, bright yellows, blues, and pinks can be used to make the video more lively, fun, and unique.

With so many uses and possible applications, a paint music video effects pack is a must for any editor! Our Paint FX Pack comes with 75 effects assets and is compatible with all popular video editing software!

Water Effects

Perfect for those moody, dark music videos, water effects can help convey a lot of feeling and emotion. With bokehdroplets, chaotic bubbles, pouring water and slow drips, water effects come in a vast array of styles.

By using water effects, not only can you make your music videos feel more fluid but you can use them to show the changes of pace throughout various scenes. For example, in a fast-paced section of the song, you can use splashing or pouring water effects and then change it up with some splattered or blurred droplets on the screen when the song slows down.

Water video effects for music videos also add a lot of texture, which makes viewing the video more visually interesting and eye-catching.

VHS Transitions & Effects

As we briefly mentioned earlier, VHS effects are perfect for making your music videos look more retro. These types of glitches are called analog distortion. If you ever watched movies on VHS tapes, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here!

VHS effects come in many forms and styles so you can play around with what works best for your music video. Like the TV effects, these music video transitions and effects can help transport your viewers back in time. Not only this, but the glitchy visuals can be used to create an edgy atmosphere or give your video a cool, vintage style.

VHS Video Effects

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Lens Flares & Light Effects

When it comes to video effects in general, lens flares are a classic way to create a sense of realism. Lens flares are a result of bright light scattering in a lens system of a camera. However, if you’re looking for video effects for music videos, it’s usually much easier to add them in while editing your footage.

Not only do lens flare effects ground your music video in reality, but they can add a dreamy atmosphere to it as well. These music video effects are a staple for anyone looking to make their videos pop!

Lens Flares are some of our most popular effects packs, check out our Lens Flare collection to find the right effect pack for you. 

Glass Video Effects

To make things more edgy and dramatic, glass shattering video effects for music videos are the perfect option. With these effects, you can make it look as though someone has taken a hammer to your lens and make glass shards rain down the screen.

Glass music video effects are great for adding texture and even evoking a sense of danger or unease. Whether you’re looking for overlays or music video transitions and effects, shattering glass is a very cool effect to play around with.

Glass FX Pack

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Film Matte Effects For A Vintage Video Look

Last but not least, if you want to go full-on old-school and make your music videos look as if they were shot years ago, film matte effects are the way to go. From vintage slides to viewfinder overlays and aspect ratio letterboxes, there are so many different ways you can use film matte effects to enhance your music videos!

Just like the VHS and TV effects, these film video effects for music videos can help take your viewers back in time. They can give your music videos a vintage feel - especially when adding that classic grainy texture of old films.

Our massive Film Matte FX has over 200 assets of the best vintage and modern film mattes, transitions, viewfinder overlays, split screen effects, and popular aspect ratio letterboxes.

Make Your Music Videos Pop!

Music video effects are the best way to add that extra element to your videos to make them stand out. If you’re looking for some high-quality music video transitions and effects, be sure to check out our range of music video effects packs.