Lens Flares

Our Lens Flares Effects Packs are extremely versatile video effects that can add a cool lighting effect to any of your video projects. Whether it’s a wedding video, a music video, or feature length movie, these lens flare overlays will give you the optical flare you’ve been looking for. We’ve put together a variety of lens flare packs that can be easily downloaded and imported into your favorite video editing software. Made by video enthusiasts for video enthusiasts, all of the files are 4K ProRes so you can expect the best quality without straining your workstation.

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In scientific terms, a lens flare is a phenomenon where light is scattered or flared in a lens system, usually in response to a bright light. In photography, this effect produces an artifact within the image, which most of the time is not something you’d want. Lens flares can manifest themselves in two ways: as a visible artifact, and also as a haze across the image. Lens flares are especially caused by very bright light sources, most commonly occurring when shooting in the direction of the sun or when the sun is in frame. But lens flares can also occur during night shoots where the camera is pointed at a bright light source, like a street light, for example.


Under normal circumstances when shooting video you want to avoid lens flares because they can ruin the shot. Imagine if you’re filming a wedding and the bride’s face is getting washed out because you’ve got the sun beaming down in the direction of your camera, that’s not going to go over well. But that’s what great about our lens flare effects packs, you can add them to your video footage after the fact, maintaining complete control of where to use them, which color to use, how much of an effect to use, etc.


But why would you even want to use a lens flare effect, what’s the point? Well, lens flare effects are most often used in videos to add a sense of drama, realism, or atmosphere. Let’s go back to the wedding example, adding the right lens flare in the right moment can heighten the sense of romance or elegance. But in addition to that, lens flares can provide lighting effects you might not be able to produce otherwise. For example, our Lens FX 2 effect pack has a variety of unique lens flares like colored light effects and police or emergency light overlays.


Now that you know what lens flares are and why you might want to use them, the question is should you use them? Like with most things in film-making, that all depends on your film and what your desired goals are. Most of the time a carefully placed lens flare will work perfectly and add that bit of texture you’re going for. Lens flares are amazing effects and can take your videos to new levels, but like with any effect, be mindful with its implementation. Perhaps you’ve seen one of JJ Abrams’s movies like Super 8, Mission Impossible, or one of his Star Trek movies? While those are some great movies, he did catch some flack for overusing lens flares. In fact he loves lens flares so much, his wife had to intervene and tell him to tone it down some.

JJ Abrams Lens Flares Star Trek

Star Trek Into The Darkness (2013), directed by JJ Abrams (credit Paramount Pictures)


We’ve already mentioned a couple of different types of lens flares, but let’s dive a bit further into the topic. One of the most popular types of flares is the anamorphic lens flare. Anamorphic lenses use ultra-wide rectangular aspect ratios which result in long horizontal lens flares, an extremely popular effect for cinematographers. But anamorphic lenses are not cheap and can run you $30k-$70k per set of lenses, which is why only the biggest budget film productions can usually afford this look. Lucky for you we’ve been able to reproduce this highly sought after lens flare, and now you can easily download it and use it in your next video.

Colored lens flares are also a very popular option because of their versatility. Depending on the mood and style you’re going for, adding a cool colored light effect to your video can work wonders. Lens flare overlays with colors can be used to enhance your title sequences, add a cool reflection/glare effect when an alien spaceship lands, or give you that cool retro film burn effect you’ve been looking for.

With our Lens Flare Bundle effect pack, you get all of our handcrafted lens flares rolled into one product. This means instant access to light hits, lens flares, and anamorphic streak effects! In total you can choose from over 60 overlays and 30 transitions, ranging from color overlays to unique light effects to anamorphic lens flare overlays!


Looking for a tutorial on how to use our Lens Flare effects in your video editing software? Well, you're in luck! We've got some informative Lens Flare Tutorials already made for you to learn from. As with all of our effects packs, you can use our Lens Flares in all the popular video editing platforms. Whether that's Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, or Davinci Resolve, rest assured you won't have any compatibility issues. And be sure to check back with us, as we're always adding more and more tutorials for our video effects packs.