Sound FX

Adding sound effects to your film and video projects could not be easier with downloadable Sound FX packs from CinePacks. From scary sounds to ambient beats, our custom sound effects are perfect for all of your video production needs. All of our sound effects are royalty-free, high-quality WAV files and can be used in anything from music videos, movie trailers, short films, commercial, paid and personal projects. Just like the rest of our downloadable assets, they’re compatible with all major video editing programs like Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, and more! And we told you it was easy - there’s no installation necessary, simply drag and drop straight onto your timeline.

Sound FX
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According to Wikipedia, a “sound effect is an artificially created or enhanced sound, or sound process used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performances, animation, video games, music, or other media.” defines sound effect as “any sound, other than music or speech, artificially reproduced to create an effect in a dramatic presentation, as the sound of a storm or a creaking door.”

In film, video, and television production, a sound effect is previously recorded and then presented within the content to make a specific storytelling or creative point without using dialogue or music.

Sound effects have been an integral part of movie making for nearly a century, and as technology continues to improve so do the utilization of sound effects. In fact, the film Don Juan in 1926 featured a score and sound effects but no dialogue. It wasn’t until The Jazz Singer was released a year later that audiences first heard synchronized dialogue in a movie, subsequently ushering in the end of the silent film era.


In the context of motion pictures and television, sound effects can generally be categorized into four distinct areas: Hard sound effects, Background sound effects, Foley effects, and sound design effects. Below we’ll look at each sound effect category and how they can be best utilized in your filmmaking producing process.


Hard sound effects, or sometimes called isolated sounds, are common sounds that appear on screen, such as door alarms, gun shots, and car horns. Hard effects are real, everyday sounds that are easily identifiable and connected with something specific happening.


Background sound effects are sound effects that do not necessarily synchronize with the picture, but indicate the setting, such as forest sounds, buzzing of lights, people talking in the background (if unintelligible). Also called “ambience” or “atmos (atmosphere)” sounds, they provide all of the subtle atmosphere that makes the audience really feel like they’re in a courtroom, a church, an airport, or a jungle.

The Freeway Overpass sound effect from the Sound FX pack is a great example of background sound.


Foley sound effects are sounds that synchronize with what’s happening on the screen, and require the expertise of a foley artist to record properly. Foley is the process of synchronizing sounds with a characters’ movements and activities, for example the footsteps of a character walking up stairs. When done right, the art of foley is so precise and natural the audience thinks the sounds are actually being made by the on-screen character. In large scale productions, movie studios use expert foley artists, but with a little imagination and some basic recording equipment, even a novice filmmaker can produce their own foley sound effects.


Design sound effects are sounds that don’t typically occur in nature, or are just impossible to record in nature. These types of sounds can be used to suggest futuristic technology in a science fiction film, or are used in a musical fashion to create an emotional mood. Because design effects are not naturally occurring, filmmakers and sound designers often have to get very creative to produce the sounds they want. One of the best examples of this is in the classic film Star Wars. In order to create the sounds of lasers, wookies, and spaceships, George Lucas and his crew used real-life recordings of everything from elephants to motors to walruses.

Our Scary Sounds FX pack contains some great design sound effects. Take a listen to this abandoned church sound we created!


Our cinematic sound effects include everything you’ll need to get those big, dramatic hits, whoosh and tones for your project. Many filmmakers have expressed a need for more of these sounds so we will be adding many more regularly. With our Scary Sound FX Pack you’ll find dark, eerie, tense and sinister sounds and tones to make your audience jump with fear. Our Sound FX Pack features over 100 custom made sounds including hits, risers, beats, and many more sounds perfect for your films and video projects.