Cinematic LUTs

Cinematic LUTs from CinePacks are the perfect color effect for your next video project! Our expertly crafted LUTs for video are made in-house and will help take your color grading process to the next level. These easily downloadable LUT Packs are made by videographers and are perfect for videographers of all levels, from the hobbyist to the professional video editor. CinePack’s LUTs are 3D .CUBE files, meaning they’re compatible with all of the major NLEs and color grading programs. After downloading the product, the LUTs can be easily installed in programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and more!

CinePacks LUTS
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Not to get too technical, but a LUT (aka Lookup Table), is a term used to describe a predetermined set of numbers (an array) that provides a shortcut for a specific computation. The array in each LUT is looked up by the software (or hardware) you’re using in order to intentionally modify the colors of an image. So, when it comes to color grading, the LUT transforms your original video footage to the new and enhanced final product - all based on a mathematical formula. In other words, a LUT is a preset color look for your video footage.


Well, that all depends on the type of video LUT you’re using. There are different types of LUTs which can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, there are 1D LUTs and there are also 3D Luts, and both can be used to transform the color of your video footage. So what’s the difference? A 1D LUT will only be able to control one value, which will still achieve a color transformation but probably won’t offer as much control as you’d like. A 3D LUT on the other hand will offer more control and will let you apply changes to more than one value, like hue, saturation, and brightness. Video LUTs from CinePacks are 3D LUTs, so you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of flexibility when it comes to color grading your video footage.


The following LUT example is one from our CinePacks LUT effect pack.

LUTs For Adobe Premiere Pro

Our versatile Cinematic LUTs are 100% compatible with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Premiere Pro. The product download will include the LUT you’ve selected, along with some documentation that will help you install the .CUBE files to your NLE (Non-Linear Editor) like Adobe Premiere.

LUTs For DaVinci Resolve

Using our video LUTs in DaVinci Resolve couldn’t be easier. Because we’re video editors ourselves, we know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to which software they like to use. That’s why we make sure our LUTs will be able to work with the most popular color grading systems available.

LUTs For Final Cut Pro

If you’re wondering if our LUT Packs will also work in Final Cut, then you can relax, the answer is yes. At CinePacks, we know the importance of being able to use different video effects in a variety of hardware and software configurations, which is why our video LUTs are 100% compatible with Final Cut.

Video LUT Tutorials

Looking for a tutorial on how to use our LUTs in your video editing software? Well, you're in luck! We've got some awesome LUT Tutorials already made for you to learn from. And be sure to check back with us, as we're always adding more and more tutorials for our video effects packs.