Paper Effects

The world of film serves as an endless stream for creative development. This visual medium brings the logical and the abstract world together under one "creative roof." Every video creator is constantly looking for a way to set themselves apart and develop their artistic capabilities. CinePacks Paper Effects for video are exactly what you are looking for!

CinePacks’ wide variety of paper effects may be just what you need to add another layer of storytelling to your film. CinePacks offers five different paper FX packages as well as two paper effect bundles. Each package comes with high-quality paper effects that you can easily slot into your film.

Money FX
$39.00 $59.00
Letter FX
$29.00 $39.00
Paper FX 2
The Paper FX Bundle #1
$79.00 $117.00
The Paper FX Bundle #2
$109.00 $146.00


Paper effects are creative elements for your videos to be used during post-production, where paper is the focus or source of inspiration.

They are creative transitions and overlays, in the form of different papers. You can add elements of texture or enhance the feel of your video by using various types of paper video effects. This may help combine different shots with a paper motif or simply add a different dimension of storytelling.


Money Effects For Videos

This is probably one of the most popular paper video effects packages that we have to offer.

The Money effects package comes with 50 different stop-motion effects. Every single one of the money effects comes in 4k, pre-keyed out, and on a transparent background. Each animation has been created to be dragged and dropped in place. There is no need to worry about small technicalities.

Additionally, the package comes with 14 different money transitions and overlays. All of these are in 4K. The rest is split up into 9 animated money frames, 7 animated custom shapes as well as 8 LUTS. This is done to give you a wide variety to play with when it comes to video creation.

Ripped Paper Effects For Video

Similar to the Money effect package, the paper rip package delivers easy-to-use and high-quality effects.

The 4k digital rips are custom-made and animated to give your video a unique look. Instead of spending hours digitally ripping paper on different special effects software, CinePacks offers high-quality ripped paper effects for video.

These drag-and-drop effects allow you to add to the overall aesthetic of your video, without taking up too much of your time.

Paper Transitions For Videos

The paper transitions for videos package is what can be considered the ‘mothership’ of paper effect packages at CinePacks.

It includes over 50 different types of stop-motion paper effects. These are specifically designed to make your video stand out.

Not only are all the clips pre-keyed out and placed on transparent backgrounds, but they come in 4K resolution. This means that, firstly, you don’t need to key out a green screen. Secondly, the quality of the paper effects blends seamlessly into your actual video footage.

The paper transition effect package includes 15 paper transition overlays, all in 4K. It also includes 25 paper sound effects, 7 animated shapes, 5 custom LUTS, 5 Paper Frame Overlays, and 4 paper textures.


Much like the other paper video effects packages, the letter package comes in high-quality, pre-keyed-out animations.

However, The letter effect package comes with hundreds of letters in different colors and fonts. This allows you to create a unique style within your film. From ransom notes to quirky titles, these paper effects can help to add to the atmosphere of your videos.

To be more specific, the drag-and-drop package comes with 243 animated letters and 64 animated symbols and numbers. It also includes over 300 PNG files, allowing you to customize the graphics.

Paper FX 2

This paper effect package is a spin-off of its popular predecessor: the Paper Transition package.

This package gives you a variety of different, high-quality paper textures and looks. These include 26 transitions with different textures. As well as 29 transition sound effects and 7 animated frames. With many more textures and styles, you can find the perfect paper effect to make your video stand out.


Paper video effects add an abstract understanding of your video’s creative vision. This can be done by using the paper effects as borders for your video. This already adds an almost experimental aspect to your video, as you frame a video inside a frame.

You can also use them as overlays. The paper video effects can be used as a motif - joining two different images with an overlay. This communicates a unique message to your audience. Moreover, you can use them as transition points or animations to your film.

In short, the capabilities of using paper video effects reach as far as your creativity. They are what you make them!


It may be tempting to run away with these effects and add in as many as your heart desires. But, well-placed effects with a cohesive theme have a bigger impact than an overload of effects, which can be confusing for viewers. Your audience will definitely appreciate quality over quantity!

So, our three best tips for using paper video effects are:

  • Plan for the effects. Understand why you have placed the paper effect in the video and why. How does it relate to the theme of your video? How does it enhance your video?
  • Consistency is key. Make sure that your effects correlate with one another. Instead of using the effects sporadically, make sure they tell a story. This will help your audience connect the effects to the video, and present a unified piece of art.
  • Don’t overuse it. A well-placed effect is better than 50 random effects. If you overuse the effect, your video and your message may get lost.


Have you downloaded the effects and are unsure about how to use them? No need to worry. CinePacks have a wide variety of tutorials to help you use your paper effect packages to their full capability.

And if you haven’t tried one of our video effects packages, how about starting with a Paper Effects one? Each paper effect package is comparable to industry-standard editing software. This includes Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid.