Film Effects

Every filmmaker wants the best visual effects for their film. It helps add some dimensionality to your videos and takes the visual storytelling to the next level. In other words, it’s a real game-changer!

What most viewers don’t know is that your film effects don’t even have to be that obvious. In cases of blockbuster films, they often make use of film effects to create hyper-realistic worlds. However, music videos may use subtle transitions and overlays that enhance the video but are almost imperceivable to the viewer.

At CinePacks, we offer a wide variety of film effects to enhance the visual world you have created. These easy-to-use effects are made for virtually every genre of film, from short films to feature films to music videos, the only limit is your imagination. 


You may be wondering what exactly are film effects.

To get a little technical, film effects manipulate and enhance footage with on-screen imagery that did not exist in real life. It allows you to create visuals or styles that could not be done in real life. These can include effects that make your footage look old or even a countdown timer to create some suspense and capture the essence of your film.

Remember, when putting your film together, you want to engage your viewer as much as possible. All the while communicating your message to them effectively. Film effects allow you to do this through overlays and transitions. They can help add to the atmosphere of your video and promote the message you want to convey.


At CinePacks, we offer a variety of film effects downloads with different types in each pack. From vintage and modern film mattes to film grain overlays and distressed film effects, we’ve got you covered.


The sample pack is the most simple out of all the film effect packs offered at CinePacks.

This pack is particularly handy if you are going for the classic film look in your video. By making use of real film overlays, these effects truly give a vintage look to your videos. The gritty film effect that accompanies the pack is ideal for enhancing the aesthetic of your films.

The sample pack also comes with an 8mm grain overlay. This can help take your film to the next level just like it did for the music video ROXANNE by Arizona.

Not to mention, the sample pack is free - making it a perfect introduction into the film effect world to find your strengths.


The Film Matte FX pack is arguably one of our biggest and best film effects packs yet! For this effects pack, we scanned and uploaded the 35mm film overlay in 4K ourselves.

Moreover, this pack has over 200 assets of a variety of vintage and film effects. Whether this is film matte transition effects or viewfinder overlays, split-screen effects, and aspect ratio letterboxes.

You can truly transport your audience back in time with these effects. They give a retro, old-school feel to any video you add them to. This not only creates a beautiful, yet subtle, matte visual effect, but also evokes a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

Every transparent PNG and MOV file is there to bring your film to life and enhance the visual world you want to create.

Every single aspect of this film effects pack aims to deliver the highest quality to you. Whether this is hand scanning the 35mm film overlay personally or providing industry-standard aspect ratios. This echoes through to the easy-to-use animated transition effects and the clean and unique split-screen mattes.


We know, film cameras are very expensive. However, with the Super 8 Film Effects pack you don’t need to worry about buying one to achieve the authentic, film-style look.

This film effects pack comes with film matte overlays, film burns, and grainy overlays. It also includes film rolling sound effects and Still Graphics.

You can give your videos that classic shot-on-film look with our grainy overlays and film burns. This is sure to transport your audience back in time and add a visually interesting touch to your videos.


Sometimes making films means getting down and getting dirty. Our Dirty film effects pack gives your film the perfect grungy and damaged film aesthetic.

Not only does this pack provide old and distressed film scans but leaders and countdowns as well. This is a quick and easy film effects pack to use as you just drag, drop, and blend in the different effects.


Part of obtaining an old grungy look for your film is through film scratch effects. At CinePacks, we scratched up 16mm film, then scanned and processed it in 4k.

These effects give your film an authentic vintage look that is easy to use. Just drag, drop, and blend. Additionally, if you want to enhance the grungy look of the film it comes with grain and dust. You are also able to choose between heavy scratches to light scratches.


Sometimes, the best film effects are those that go unnoticed by your viewers. These film effects can be used to enhance the aesthetic style of your film.

Some of the best film effects are simple but effective. They help to create seamless transitions or enhance the visual aesthetic of your film. These subtle effects help engage your audience and convey your message.


The biggest tip we have for any filmmaker making use of film effects is: don’t overdo it. Sometimes, simplicity is best. So, make sure you know where you plan on using these effects and how you want to use them.

Additionally, make sure every single part of your film effects convey the message and style of your film.


CinePacks offers a wide variety of film effects and tutorials. You can simply download film special effects packs and our easy-to-use tutorials will guide you, step by step, to make sure you get exactly what you paid for.

You want your film to be the best it can be on every level. So, why not use a film effects pack that provides just that?