NJC Visuals on tips for coming up as a director in a small town| Ep.39


In this episode of the CinePacks podcast, we chat to Noah of NJC Visuals, one of the hottest up and coming music video directors in the game. 

Noah’s been on our radar for a while now, impressing us on a number of levels. And It’s not just his cinematography that’s caught our eye. His incredibly strong presence on social media and online channels has really enabled Noah’s filmmaking to stand out from the rest. 

In this podcast, Noah provides tonnes of great tips for aspiring filmmakers, editors and particularly those looking to pursue a career in the world of music videos. Noah discusses the challenges he faces as a music video director, from the struggles of living in a small town and how he overcomes this, right up to how he negotiates client budgets and shows value in the product he’s delivering. 

Pay close attention to this one if you are looking to break a name for yourself in the film industry as this is packed full of tips and advice from Noah who’s made that transition himself. 

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