Film Matte FX


Film Matte FX pack is one of our biggest packs yet. It has over 200 assets of the best vintage and modern film mattes, transitions, viewfinder overlays, split screen effects, and popular aspect ratio letterboxes.

Glow FX Bundle
$98.00 $127.00
Film FX Bundle
$98.00 $127.00
The Paper FX Bundle #2
$109.00 $146.00
The Lens Flare Bundle
$89.00 $117.00
The Paper FX Bundle #1
$89.00 $117.00

Clear Streak Filter (Pre-Order)

$69.00 $49.00

Pre-Order the new Clear Streak Filter for only $49 for a limited time. Get cinematic flare effects with any photo or video lens.

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