Ty Rogers films for Adidas, ESPN+, NFL Films, and LeBron James | Ep.37

Ty Rogers films for Adidas, ESPN+, NFL Films, and LeBron James | Ep.37

June 13, 2020

In this episode of the CinePacks podcast, we bring you an in depth chat with one of our favorite sports videographers, and two times Emmy-Winning filmmaker Ty Rogers! Ty’s been creating videos with some of the world’s leading sports brands for some time now, with an impressive roster that includes Adidas, ESPN+, NFL Films, and LeBron James’ Uninterrupted to name a few.


In this episode, Ty provides tonnes of great tips for all you budding filmmakers, editors and aspiring cinematographers out there. Looking at some of the challenges filmmakers face today, Ty shares his wisdom and insight as to how you can stand out. From drawing on technical elements around being a camera operator, such as kit and lens choice, to how to make it as a freelancer in our highly competitive film industry. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed chatting with Ty on this one - think of this podcast a free tutorial on how to level up those sports (or any other) videos during these uncertain times! So stick this podcast on, get back to the couch, or editor’s chair, or wherever it is you’re riding this storm out, and let Ty’s words guide you as they did us.

Here some pieces of Ty's recent work...

Michigan Football-  The Victors: HAIL 

Bronny James Jr. OFFICIAL Freshman Year Mixtape! 

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