YUNGTADA on filming Lil Mosey's first music video | Ep.34


 How yungtada started filming for Lil Mosey

YUNGTADA is a music video director who shot Lil Mosey's first music video "Pull Up". In this episode, yungtada gives us insight of him coming up shooting music videos in Seattle and going on tour with Lil Mosey. YUNGTADA also gives some tips on editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and popular music video effects!

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YUNGTADA popped up on the music video scene in Seattle with his unique edits! His work was posted to a YouTube channel Friendly Fire. YUNGTADA explains how he was noticed by Lil Mosey's older brother. Mosey's borther recently saw a video yungtada shot, GHOULAVELII - "RED MANSION" . He knew yungtada had to direct Mosey's first video.

The first Music video that yungtada shot with Lil Mosey was "Pull Up". This video now sits at 31 Million views and kick started both of their careers.

YUNGTADA then went on the Juice World Tour with Mosey and filmed the vlogs for the tour. They created a strong work relationship and continue to work together shooting videos like Burrbery Headband.

YUNGTADA'S 2019 Demo Reel

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