Check out our Fire Effects and Video Transitions for Adobe Premiere in the Updated Fire FX Pack

The newly updated Fire FX pack is an essential tool for all filmmakers! This pack contains 72 fire assets: bursts, embers, sounds, LUTs, and more. Not only are our fire effects super realistic, we also included a variety of video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to use these fire video effects and video transitions so you can incorporate them into your next big project.

Note: This is an Adobe Premiere tutorial but all of these assets can also be used in Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, and other editing programs.

(Also, check out oursample pack of fire effects if you’d like to try out some of these video effects for free!)

Purchase and download the Fire FX pack from the CinePacks store and unzip it. Import these video effects into Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Drag any of these fire video effects directly into your timeline. (Right click and select Scale to Frame Size if not sized properly.) Under Effect Controls, change the Blend Mode to Screen, Lighten, or Linear Dodge Add to make the effect transparent. This same process applies to the other video effects in this pack. Add one of our sound effects to make it feel even more authentic!

We also included some great LUTs in this Fire FX pack to provide different colors and textures which you can explore under Lumetri Color. If you would prefer to manually change the color of any of these fire effects,navigate to Curves under Lumetri Color and adjust the Hue until you get your desired look. 

If you want to animate your colors, go to Video Effects → Color Correction → Color Balance HLS and apply to your effect. Then you can use your keyframes to create a cool color-changing effect!

To use these video transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro, go to your folder of Paper Burn Transitions. Each transition has two parts: a track matte and an overlay. Drag them both into your timeline above your two clips. Go to Video Effects → Keying → Track Matte Key and apply it to your top clip. Under Effect Controls, change the Matte to Video 3. Change Composite Using to Matte Luma. Don’t forget to scale your effects to frame size if needed.

To change the color, select the top layer and adjust the Hue and Saturation under Lumetri Color as desired.

We also have some video transitions included in this fire effect pack that are super easy to use - simply drag and drop them into your timeline, change the Blend Mode to Screen, and align it so that the video transition covers the screen right at the cut in between your two clips. You can customize these video transitions easily through scaling, positioning, or flipping them.

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