Create Incredible Glow Animation with Glow FX 2 in Adobe Premiere Pro

Give your video projects an impressive makeover with the aid of glow animation! TheCinePacks Glow FX 2 offers some incredible video effects to make your creations really stand apart. These effects are simple to use (no plugin is required) and can be customized exactly how you want them to look. Discover how to use our glow effects in our Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial to start implementing some awesome glow animation right away! 

Note: Although this is an Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial, our glow effects are also available for Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and other editing softwares. 

Step 1: Purchase and download the CinePacks Glow FX 2, then drag and drop the effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Step 2: Drag the glow effects directly into your timeline. Right click the effects and select “Scale to Frame Size,” then change the blending mode to Screen.

Step 3: Browse through the bins of Accents, Wraps, and Objects to find the effect that best suits your clip.Use keyframes as well as the Rate Stretch tool to modify your clip’s speed and orientation. 

(Note: It’s always a good idea to lock your bottom clip so you don’t accidentally drag it out of position.)

Another handy tool is the Horizontal and Vertical Flip effects (under Video Effects →  Transform) to quickly transform your clip. This tool is especially useful when duplicating a clip to create a perfect mirror image.

To change the color of any of these effects, navigate to Video Effects → Color Correction → Color Balance and adjust the Hue and Saturation sliders.

To create asimple mask, drag over your selected glow effects and start at the first keyframe. Create your desired movement on the effect by adding keyframes while you move the effect from its beginning position to its ending position. Next, duplicate your clip and stack the copied clip directly on top of the original. Under Opacity → Mask, use the pen tool to draw a rough mask around the area where you want your effect to be hidden. Select Mask Path under Mask to move the mask as needed. Use the Mask Feathering and Mask Expansion options to give your mask a cleaner look.

Sketchy Skeleton: Make a person in your video mutate into a glowing skeleton! Drag the Skeleton Head effect into your timeline, using the Transform tool and keyframes to track its movement. Match up the rest of the body parts as well (Arms, Forearms, Calf, Chest, etc) and align the movements using keyframes.

The CinePacks Glow FX 2 can be used in a multitude of different projects! You can see our glow effects in action in several popular dance videos from the animatorBlotter Media, as well as the famous music videoWest Coast byG-Eazy (feat. Blueface, ALLBLACK & YG). Check them out to get some inspiration for your next video masterpiece! 

Get More Adobe Premiere Pro Video Effects!

If you enjoyed this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial, check out the CinePacks website to browse even more amazing features! We offer afree glow animation pack so you can experiment with a sample of some of our glow effects, as well as a wide variety of other great products and tutorial videos. If you ever have questions about any of our video effects,get in touch! We’re also active onInstagram andFacebook where you can get the latest updates about our new products.