Just drag these clips over your footage and adjust the blending mode to "screen". You'll have high quality motion graphics without needing to animate anything yourself! 
Our brand new animated GLOW FX  2 was completely custom animated to give your videos a unique look without having to spend hours animating frame by frame.

Includes over 120 assets + free future updates to the pack.



Glow FX 2 includes:

  • 40 Accents (Explosions, Wooshes, Electricity)
  • 10 Impacts
  • 35 Objects (Wheels, Skeleton, Face Accents)
  • 15 Wraps 
  • 22 GLOW FX 2.1 Update animations (fire emoji, lightbulbs, bubbles, etc)

GLOW FX 2.1 UPDATE is included in the purchase of this pack. GLOW FX 2.1 has 22 extra custom hand-drawn animations to add to your editing arsenal.

Watch our Glow FX 2 video tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process of utilizing each asset to its fullest potential.


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