Get the FREE Pack of Gun FX to Create Awesome Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

OurGun FX pack is now available in the CinePacks store! These video effects open up a whole new world of exciting opportunities for your next production, whether it’s an epic shootout scene in a film or a new music video. Ourfree pack of these gun video effects contains a sample of what you can find in our full pack - and you don’t have to spend a cent to use it! Discover how to use these free video effects in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Find the Free Gun FX pack on the CinePacks website. This is a free pack, so all you have to do is provide us with your email address so we can send you the download link. Once you receive the link in your inbox, download and unzip the folder of free video effects and transitions. This free pack includes a pistol sound effect, a glass bullet hole effect, a muzzle flash, a shell firing effect, and a gold Uzi animated loop. Drag all of these video effects into Adobe Premiere Pro.

Since these animated assets are already transparent, you can drag them directly into your timeline above your footage. Right click the video effect and select “Scale to Frame Size” if needed. Hold down the Alt key to duplicate the looping video effect to your desired duration. You can then nest the duplicated effects together by selecting all of them, right clicking, and choosing “Nest.” Once the duplicated video effects are nested into one clip, you can scale and reposition however you’d like.

To create an animated gun video transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro, drag the gun effect into your timeline on top of your two different clips. We’re going to give it a more realistic appearance by making a cut in your first clip right where the video transition begins. Select this short clip and draw a simple mask around the area you’d like to preserve. Keyframe your mask path so that it wipes across the screen to reveal the next video clip.  

Customize our gun video effects to your liking! Select your clip, then add Color Balance (HLS) (under Video Effects → Color Correction) and adjust the sliders as desired. Since these gun video effects are transparent, you can add other video effects, overlays, and plugins to them if you like. Experiment with different looks to find something totally unique!

To use the animated bullet holes video effect, drop your chosen effect on top of your footage. You can edit the effect by using tools like Horizontal Flip or Vertical Flip (Under Video Effects → Transform) and/or layering multiple video effects on top of each other. 

To create a realistic shootout scene, drag a muzzle flash video effect on top of your footage where a gun is fired. Scale and position the muzzle flash over the gun and adjust the duration, contrast, exposure, speed, and other settings as needed to make it look more realistic. Add a shell firing video effect on top of the muzzle flash to further sell the effect. (Adding a Directional Blur (under Video Effects → Blur and Sharpen) will also help make the shot look authentic.) 

Continue to adjust the lighting by adding a new Adjustment Layer to your footage. Turn up the exposure, eliminate some shadows, and make the temperature warmer. Create a mask around the area where the lighting would be affected from the gunshot (in our footage, we’re creating a mask around the shooter’s arm and part of his upper body) and add some Feather to it. Fade the adjustment layer out quickly.

Choose a gun sound effect that sounds the most authentic and align it with your footage. Duplicate as needed. 

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