Create an Intense Action Scene in DaVinci Resolve with our Free Gun FX

Create an action scene easily with the help of the CinePacks Gun FX! Ourfree pack of these gun video effects contains a sample of what you can find in our full pack - and you don’t have to spend a cent to use it! Discover how to use these free video effects in DaVinci Resolve.

Note: While this is a DaVinci Resolve tutorial, these gun video effects can also be used in almost every video editing program. We also have the full pack ofGun FX that you can purchase from our website as well (we even included a coupon in this free pack!).

How to Use our Gun Video Effects in DaVinci Resolve 

Download the free pack from the CinePacks website and extract the files. Go ahead and start browsing these free animated video effects; you’ll find a bullet hole glass break, a muzzle flash, a shell firing, a 3D gun effect, and a gun sound effect. These are Apple ProRes 4K files with alpha channels built in so the screens are transparent, making these video effects even easier to use in DaVinci Resolve.

Drag the muzzle flash into your timeline above your footage where a gun is being fired. Use the Transform tool to scale and position the muzzle flash on the gun. (Use the Flip tool in your Inspector tab if needed.) 

To make the effect appear more realistic, change the Composite Mode to Screen. Then navigate to your Color tab and manually adjust some of the tones of the muzzle flash to help it fit the scene more. (We brought down the Saturation and adjusted the Offset to give the effect a cooler tone.)

Add a blur to the effect by first duplicating the muzzle flash effect and stacking them on top of one another in your timeline. Add a Gaussian Blur from your Effects Library to the duplicated effect and bring the blur all the way up by adjusting the sliders on the right. 

To edit the smoke that appears at the end of the muzzle flash, select your duplicated video effect and hit Ctrl + B to split it. Change the Composite Mode of the smoke back to Normal. 

Drag an Adjustment Clip from your Effects Library on top of your effects in your timeline. Hit Shift + Right Bracket to trim down the adjustment clip. Under your Color Tab, adjust the Offset as needed. Under Masks, grab the Curve tool and mask any areas in the scene that you think will be affected by the muzzle flash. Bring the Softness down as needed. This will create a subtle flash on the subject as the gun is being fired.

Drag the shell firing video effect into your timeline. Scale it down as needed and use your keyframes to animate the shell flying away as the gun is fired. Right click the shell’s keyframes and select Smooth to create a curve as it flies away. Adjust the Offset and Gain in the Color tab as needed.

Finish creating your scene by using the gun sound effect we included in this free pack. Adjust the Equalizer as desired to get that perfect sound for your scene. You can also add an Echo from your Audio Effects to make it sound even more authentic (we changed the preset to Large Hall and added a delay on the Right Channel). 

Don’t forget to experiment with the 3D animated gun as well! You can change the size and color to customize it as you wish. Our Glass Bullet Hole effect is another cool asset; here, we scaled it up and positioned it slightly off screen and added a blur. 

If you want to do something more advanced like track bullet impact marks onto glass, navigate to your Fusion Tab and hit Shift + Space bar to search for and select your Tracker. In our sample footage, we positioned four trackers on each corner of a window pane. Then click Track Forward on the right. 

Drag in your Glass Bullet Hole effect and select the frame where you want it to appear. Click on Keyframes and drag the effect over so it starts on the selected frame. Then click on Global In/Out and drag your slider to the end to lengthen the duration of the effect.

Move forward a few frames and add a Transform node. Use the Size slider to shrink it down and position as needed. Drag the Transform node into the Tracker to achieve a bullet hole tracking onto the glass in this footage. (You can change the Blending Mode to Overlay to make it seem more realistic.)

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