How to Get TV Overlay Video Effects for FREE in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Get TV Overlay Video Effects for FREE in Adobe Premiere Pro

May 20, 2020

Ever wonder how your favorite video producers create those cool TV overlay effects in their films or music videos? By using the TV effects in the CinePacks’ TV Screen FX pack, you can achieve this feat easily! We even provided a free pack of these video effects so you can test them out before purchasing the full pack. Watch our tutorial to learn how to use these unique free video effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Note: While this is an Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial, these effects can also be used in other editing softwares. 

Find the free pack of TV overlay video effects on the CinePacks website. After filling out your information, you’ll get a download link emailed to you. Open/unzip the folder and drag the video effects into Adobe Premiere. You’ll see a TV overlay, a TV Screen overlay, and some VHS video clips that look like static on a retro TV screen. (Note: PNG files are also included in the folder in case your editing software requires it.)

Drag the Warehouse TV Video clip into the timeline (use the PNG file if needed for the editing program you’re using). The screen of this TV is transparent, so you can pull another video clip into your timeline underneath the TV overlay so that it plays on the screen. Scale/reposition your video clip as needed so it aligns with the TV screen.

To make this effect more realistic, drag in the TV screen PNG, change the Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add) and turn down the opacity as needed.

Another method of making this effect look more genuine is by duplicating the TV Warehouse layer and stack them directly on top of one another in the timeline. Add the Gaussian Blur (under Video Effects → Blur and Sharpen) effect to the bottom TV Warehouse layer and create a large amount of blur. 

Under Lumetri Color, turn down the exposure of the clip and then scale the size down to about 90-95. This creates a nice vignette that makes the TV screen look more authentic.

To use the VHS overlay for added texture, drag the VHS overlay clip underneath your TV effect and change the Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add). 

To further enhance this look, use the Lens Distortion effect (Video Effects → Distort) to add some curvature to the TV screen. Scale and reposition as needed.

Add some movement to the TV effect by selecting all your clips in the timeline by nesting them together (right click + Nest). Use your keyframes to create movement, like a slow zoom in/zoom out.

To use the TV PNGs, drag it into the timeline and drag in your desired video clio (to play on the screen) below it. Adjust the size and position of the video clip so it aligns with the TV screen. Create a mask around the video screen to keep the edges from showing behind the TV. 

Add a TV Screen PNG to your timeline for a more complete look. Scale the PNG as needed and change the Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add). Nest the layers together if you’d like to move them around easily.

Get All the Video Effects You Need from CinePacks

Now that you’ve tried out these video effects for free, head to the CinePacks website to purchase the full selection! We have additional free packs of other video effects that can be used in a variety of editing softwares. Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or comments about any of our products!



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