Get the Fire FX Pack to Add Amazing Fire Transitions and Video Effects in Final Cut Pro

Add amazing fire video effects to your next music video or film project to create something truly mind-blowing! The CinePacks Fire FX is so easy to use and incorporate into your footage. Simply download, drag, and drop these outstanding video effects into Final Cut Pro and customize them to your liking to create a whole new look for your project. Check out this great tutorial from YouTuber and video creatorKingTutsPro to learn some tips for using our Fire FX pack in Final Cut Pro, then purchase it from our CinePacks website today!  

Note: We also have afree pack of fire video effects so you can use and experiment with some of these tools in Final Cut Pro (and other editing programs) for free.

Download and unzip the Fire FX pack from the CinePacks store. All of these effects can be imported directly into Final Cut Pro with no plugins needed! To use the Fire Transitions, drag them directly into your Final Cut project. Choose a fire transition to work with and drag it into your timeline above your footage. Change the Blend Mode to “Screen” or “Lighten.” Add an Embers effect or another fire effect on top of the transition if desired, making sure to change the Blend Mode to “Screen” or “Lighten” for these video effects as well. 

Integrate some of the sound effects included in this Fire FX pack to further enhance your project. Adjust the sound levels as needed.

To use the Fire LUTs, navigate to Effects → Color → Custom LUT. (Note: You will only have this if you’re running Final Cut 10, 10.4, or above.) Drag Custom LUT directly onto the effect you’d like to adjust. Under the Effects tab, click the drop-down arrow next to LUT and select “Choose Custom LUT.” Find the folder that contains the Fire LUTS, select all of them, and click “Open.”

Try applying each fire LUT to your fire effects to find out which looks the best! You can change the color of the LUT if desired by adjusting the Hue and Saturation. 

Find More Final Cut Pro Transitions & Video Effects in the CinePacks Store 

There are tons of other great products waiting for you in our packs store! Check out the CinePacks website to browse more video effects for Final Cut Pro and other editing programs. Some of our most popular video effects include Super 8 Film FX, VHS textures and overlays,glow animation effects, and many more. We also have afree pack of video fire effects (includes a fire transition wipe, five fire ball bursts, and some water effects) for you to try before purchasing the full pack. Watch our many Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials to learn how to create awesome videos with these tools andget in touch if you ever have any questions or comments! Don’t forget to follow us on social media; we post regularly on Facebook and Instagram to alert our fans about our latest product releases.