Start Editing with our Free Paint Overlay Video Effects in DaVinci Resolve

Give your DaVinci Resolve project a totally unique look with some free video effects! Thisfree Paint FX Sample Pack includes some amazing 4K paint splatter overlays that can be integrated into your music video or film to give it a new style. The best part about these assets is that they’re so easy to use; just drag and drop the video effects into DaVinci Resolve or whatever editing software you’re using (no plugins needed). We also have afull pack of paint video effects available for purchase on our website if you want even more of these assets. Take a look at all the awesome things you can do with this free pack of paint video effects in DaVinci Resolve!

Find the Free Paint FX Sample pack on the CinePacks website. This is a free pack, so all you have to do is provide us with your email address so we can send you the download link. Once you receive the link in your inbox, download and unzip the folder of free video effects. This free pack includes two paint splatter overlays (as well as a $5 off coupon if you’d like to purchase our full pack). Unzip these files and drag or import the video effects into DaVinci Resolve.

To use these paint splatter overlays, drag them straight into your timeline above your footage. You can change the speed of your effect by right clicking it and selecting Change Clip Speed. If you’d like to change the color of any of these effects, navigate to your Color tab and select the Color Wheels. Adjust the offset and saturation until you get the look you want. 

Continue to experiment with these effects by changing their colors, duplicating them, and layering them on top of one another. Another way to customize these paint overlay effects is to change the composite mode; each composite mode results in a different and completely unique look. 

The X paint splatter effect included in this free pack is perfect for animating in and out of the video using keyframes. Do this by sizing and positioning the X where you want it to begin and keyframing those frames. Then skip forward a few frames and move the X where you want it to go, changing the size if needed, and add keyframes there as well. 

You can also create a cool title card using these free video effects in DaVinci Resolve. First, drag the paint splatter effects you want to use into the timeline, then color and layer them as desired. Then go to your Effects Library, select Generators, and select Solid Color. Drag the Solid Color into your timeline below your paint splatter overlays. Change the Solid Color to whatever you like (we chose white) and change your Composite Mode to whatever looks best (we chose Multiply). 

In your Effects Library, go to Titles and select Basic Text. Drag it into your timeline above your paint overlay effects. Change the text color, font, and size as desired. To animate the text, select your text clip and go to the first frame. Adjust the size and position how you want it to start, add a keyframe, then go to the last frame, adjust as desired, and add another keyframe. Play it through to see your text animate from the first frame to the last.

To add a paint transition to your title, select all your animated title clips and right click to create a new fusion clip. Go to your Fusion tab and drag the transition into your MediaIn1 node. Use the keyframe editor to determine where you want your transition to begin and end, then add keyframes to those spots. Play the effect through to see the title being wiped in.

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If you love how this free video effects pack works in your films and music videos, be sure to visit ourCinePacks store online! Here you’ll find plenty of amazing tools, including free video effects, free PNGs, free LUTs, and free transitions for DaVinci Resolve and other editing programs. We also offer numerous paid packs, including a full pack of the Paint FX that contains tons of cool assets.Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use our video effects andtag us in your videos so we can see how you used our products! We love to hear from you!