Create a Vintage Film Look with the CinePacks Film Matte Overlays Pack

Everyone loves the nostalgic, vintage feel of old film and polaroid pictures. That’s why we decided to make our incredibleFilm Matte FX pack! This film overlay pack contains over 200 assets that include animated video transitions and a wide variety of PNG film mattes. We created these video effects by scanning rolls of vintage 35mm film in high res, so you know you’re getting the best quality assets to add to your next production. Our film pack of video effects and transitions work in Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Final Cut, Sony Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, and basically all editing programs. We even offer afree pack of these video effects so you can download and use a sample completely free of charge! 

Once you’ve purchased, downloaded, and unzipped the pack, you’ll find individual folders of these film assets. We have a large selection of PNGs in multiple styles and formats so you can use them in a variety of different ways (like Instagram posts). You’ll also see animated video transitions, fisheye overlays, and other creative tools.

Import all of these video effects into Adobe Premiere Pro and start experimenting with these different film assets. Our Fuji 16x9 PNGs are a cool and easy effect to use to give your footage that authentic film look. Drag it into your timeline above your clip (use Ctrl + Scale to size it down if needed). Draw a mask around the center square, then duplicate your footage and stack the three clips on top of one another. Drag the two copied clips to either side of the center square on your screen. 

You can use this same process for the majority of our PNG overlays, using a mask or the Crop tool when needed to arrange multiple video clips on the screen without any overlapping.

When working with multiple clips in your timeline, one helpful tip is to select them all in your timeline, right click, and select “Nest” to combine them all into one element. After that’s done, you’re able to scale and position the clip as desired. Here, we used keyframes to add some panning movement to this film reel containing multiple clips.

To use the animated film video transitions, drag it into your timeline on top of your two different clips. We’re going to give it a more realistic appearance by making a cut in your first clip right where the video transition begins. Select this short clip and add the Transform effect (under Video Effects → Distort. Uncheck the box next to “Use Composition’s Shutter Angle” and change the Shutter Angle to 360. Add a keyframe for Scale and Position at the beginning of the clip.

We want the clip to move in sync with the film reel transition, so use your keyframes to scale and reposition your clip as needed to keep it moving in time with the frame. 

Make a cut in your second video clip right where the video transition ends. Complete the same process we used for the first short clip to make the clip move along with the movement of the video transition. 

In addition to our many video transitions, we also included multiple split-screen PNGs in this film overlay pack. These are great for showcasing multiple clips together. Simply stack your clips on top of one another and crop/mask/resize them and position them as needed to achieve this unique effect.

To use our Fisheye Overlay, drag the video effect into your timeline above your footage. Add the Lens Distortion effect to the overlay (under Video Effects → Distort) and adjust the settings to give your footage a curved, distorted look.

Visit the CinePacks Store to Find More Film Overlay Effects & Video Transitions 

Head to our CinePacks store for even more video effects to use in your next project! Here you’ll find plenty of amazing film-inspired tools, including our Super 8mm Film Overlay pack and our Dirty Film FX pack. We also offer a variety of free video effects, free PNGs, free LUTs, and free video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro and other editing programs. Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use our video effects and tag us in your videos so we can see how you used our assets!