How to Use our FREE Film Matte Overlay Video Effects in Sony Vegas Pro (Split Screen PNG, Film Textures)

Get the nostalgic, old-school feel of aged film and polaroid pictures for FREE! The CinePacks Film Matte Overlay Sample Pack is a must-have for any filmmaker/editor. We created these video effects by scanning rolls of vintage 35mm film in high res, so you know you’re getting the best quality assets to add to your next production. Check out how to use these free video effects in Sony Vegas Pro, then start editing today! 

First, locate and download theFilm Matte Overlays Sample Pack from the CinePacks store (click on Free Packs on the left-side menu) and unzip/extract the files. There are six assets that you’ll receive when you get this pack; go ahead and import all the free video effects into Sony Vegas Pro. These are transparent Apple ProRes files so you can easily drag and drop them over your footage in your timeline. 

To use the Kodak Safety Film PNG, drag into your timeline in the track above your footage or photo. You’ll see the PNG is split into three boxes that act as frames. Select your clip and use the Event Pan/Crop button to scale it so it fits inside the frame. Then right click your clip, go to Properties, and uncheck the box next to Maintain Aspect Ratio. Go back to your Video Event box and hold down the Ctrl key to resize your clip so it fits neatly inside the frame.

Fill in the remaining two frames with other photos or clips by dragging them into the timeline and repeating the same process as before so they fit neatly inside the PNG frame. If any of your photos are overlapping, simply create a mask by opening the Video Event FX box again and selecting the box next to Mask. Draw a mask around the area you’d like to preserve.

To use the free video transition included in this pack, drag the Kodachrome Slide effect into your timeline above your two clips. To make the video transition transparent, right click it, go to Properties → Media → Alpha Channel → Straight Unmatted.

Visit the CinePacks Store to Find More Free Video Effects for Sony Vegas Pro 

Head to ourCinePacks store for even more video effects to use in your next project! Here you’ll find plenty of amazing film-inspired tools, including ourSuper 8mm Film Overlay pack and ourDirty Film FX pack. We also offer a variety of free video effects, free PNGs, free LUTs, and free video transitions for Sony Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other editing programs.Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use our video effects andtag us in your videos so we can see how you used our assets!