Download Paper Rip FX to Get Cool Final Cut Pro Transitions for Free!

If you’re a filmmaker working on a budget, CinePacks has your back! Check out our many free packs on ourwebsite; we have a wide range of incredible assets that you can download and use without spending a dime, including free video transition packs, free overlays, free luts, and much more. Ourfree Paper Rip FX pack is filled with amazing video transitions that are perfect for creating a truly unique look in your videos, so check out this tutorial for using these Final Cut Pro transitions!

Locate the Paper Rip FX transition pack on the CinePacks website (you can find it easily by clicking “Free Packs” on the menu to the left). All you have to do is provide us with your email address so we can send you the download link. Once you receive the link in your inbox, download and unzip the folder of free video effects and transitions. This free pack includes 18 free video transitions, all in 4K. Import all of these video effects into Final Cut Pro by dragging them straight in.

To use these free video transitions, choose a paper rip you’d like to work with and drag into your timeline above the two clips you’d like to transition. Drag the Keyer onto your video transition; this will key the green out of the clip.

Make a cut in your footage right where the video transition begins. Select the video transition and the clip beneath it, then right click and select “New Compound Clip.”

Drag the Keyer onto the new compound clip to key out the blue from the video transition. However, by doing this you also key out the blue in your corresponding footage as well. To correct this, drag Hue/Saturation onto your clip first and adjust the blue hue until it becomes green. Then you can create a compound clip and re-apply Keyer. Now both the blue and green will be keyed out, leaving only the video transition effects. This method can be used on all the video transitions included in this free pack. 

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If you loved using these free Final Cut Pro transitions, check out ourPaper Transition FX and ourPaper FX 2 video packs! The CinePacks store has tons of easy-to-use video effects to include in your next project, both for free and for purchase. Some of our favorite free packs include theFilm FX Sample Pack, theGlow FX Sample Pack, and theGun FX Sample Pack. These packs not only include a variety of video effects; they also include video transitions, animations, stills and PNGs, LUTs, and much more.Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use our Final Cut Pro transitions andtag us in your videos on Facebook and Instagram so we can see how you used our assets! Don’t forget to subscribe to ourYouTube channel to watch more helpful tutorials and learn some new skills.