Get FREE Film Overlays to Use in DaVinci Resolve

Give your videos a rough, edgy look with the CinePacks Film FX Sample Pack! This free pack contains authentic film overlays and scratches to help you create some really cool video effects in DaVinci Resolve. Start using these editing assets today!

First, locate and download theFilm FX Sample Pack from the CinePacks store (click on Free Packs on the left-side menu) and unzip/extract the files. There are five free video effects that you’ll receive when you get this pack; go ahead and extract them, then import them into DaVinci Resolve. These free video effects are transparent Apple ProRes files so you can easily drag and drop them over your footage in your timeline. 

The PNGs included in this free pack are great for creating a simple vintage-looking frame for your footage - all you have to do is drag and drop it into your timeline. 

To use the film grain overlay, simply drag and drop into your timeline above your footage and change the Composite Mode to Soft Light to give your footage a subtle grain texture.

Using the scratched film is a similarly easy process as well. Drag the film overlay effect above your footage and change the Composite Mode to Screen. This scratched film overlay effect has a frame where the whole screen goes white; select the clip and hit M to mark that frame. Now you can use this effect as a free video transition by aligning it with your clips in your timeline.

If you want to change the color of this scratched film video effect, navigate to the Color tab and adjust the outputs under the RGB mixer. 

There’s also an authentic film leader countdown effect included in this free pack. You can use it on its own as an introduction to your video or you can use it over your footage to add some extra noise when you change its Composite Mode to Soft Light. If you don’t want to use the numbers in your video, simply cut the clip before the numbers show and delete the second part of the clip. Hold Alt to duplicate the first part of your clip as many times as needed.

You can also change the color of this effect by adjusting the RGB outputs in your Color tab. Or, change the RGB mixer to Monochromatic to remove the red altogether. 

To use the dirty film strip, drag it into your timeline above your footage and change the Composite Mode to Multiply. To change the color of this video effect in DaVinci Resolve, go to the Color Tab and invert it by searching for Invert in your effects tab and dragging it onto your dirty film clip. 

You can continue to edit the color of this effect by selecting Monochrome at the bottom of your screen to make it black and white, then right clicking on your effect and selecting Add Node → Add Serial. Then you can adjust the outputs under your RBG mixer to adjust the colors as desired. Go back to your Edit page and change the Composite Mode back to Screen. 

Head to the CinePacks Store to Find More Free Video Effects to Use in DaVinci Resolve 

Visit our onlineCinePacks store to browse even more video effects to try in your next project! Here you’ll find plenty of amazing film-inspired tools, including ourSuper 8mm Film Overlay pack and ourDirty Film FX pack. We also offer a variety of free video effects, free PNGs, free LUTs, and free video transitions for DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other editing programs.Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use our video effects andtag us in your videos so we can see how you used our assets!