In this video we create a really cool warping effect for your footage in Davinci Resolve
Using visual effects in your music videos is a great way to emphasize the feeling or message that the video is trying to convey. They can help you make your music video pop, make seamless transitions, and transport the viewer into another reality.
Edit the official music video for Suigeneris' North Hills!

Although still a relatively new art form to cinema, lens flares are a creative way to create depth in your film or video. It allows you to develop your creativity and find ways to communicate your narrative and emotive approach.

Prop Movie Money is the official film industry’s go-to source for prop money; seen in countless movies, TV shows, and music videos, this fake money is the most realistic and high-quality product you can find.
Have you been looking for some amazing paper effects for your next video project? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to add a cool ransom note effect using cut out letters, or maybe even a transition using money like in some of those popular music videos? Well, look no further because CinePacks has a collection of video paper effects that will be sure to get those creative juice flowing.